[D1X-R v0.58.1 Mac El Capitan] Audio cutting out
I'm using a macbook with bluetooth headphones. I'm finding that at some point, the sound and music cut out, replaced by occasional glitch noise. If I exit to the menus, the music comes back, but it will always stop once the track has played once. Sound effects will not come back at all until I exit and restart the game.

I'll try again with wired headphones.
What music source are you using? What are your other in-game sound settings?
(09-22-2017, 12:48 AM)Kp Wrote: What music source are you using?  What are your other in-game sound settings?

Built in music, force mac track order, continuous playback.

Switching to wired headphones made no difference. 
I'm also finding that the entire game is often crashing when I exit from the game to the main menu.
Sound usually gets restored upon entering an exit tunnel.

I have a copy of the error that I got when it crashed, but when attempting to post it here, I get a message saying that a post may have a maximum of 10 images (???)

See attachment for the crash report

Steps to reproduce crash:
Launch game. Play normally until audio starts cutting out (usually around the time the music track finishes one play through, but I've had it happen sooner) . Attempt to exit to the main menu. Game will crash instead.
It's happened to me about 5 times in the last hour from a new game.

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.txt   Descent Crash report.txt (Size: 52.32 KB / Downloads: 5)
According to that backtrace, you are using MIDI music.
24  com.apple.audio.toolbox.AudioToolbox    0x99faff00 MusicPlayerStart + 21
25  SDL_mixer                         0x0147248e native_midi_start + 82
26  SDL_mixer                         0x01460c03 music_internal_play + 196
27  SDL_mixer                         0x01460d3f Mix_FadeInMusicPos + 166
28  SDL_mixer                         0x01460d80 Mix_PlayMusic + 49
29  d1xgl                             0x00099f6b mix_play_file + 515
I do not play on Mac, but I have seen reports several years ago that Mac MIDI music was buggy and caused crashes. Try using non-MIDI music. For example, kreatordxx wrote in Github issue #2:
Quote:The MIDI playback is very buggy and not recommended. Try the add-on music from the DXX-Rebirth website (which is the MIDI music converted to OGG format) or Jukebox.
This was back in 2013, but I have no information whether the problems were ever fixed. The MIDI in question is not part of Rebirth, so I cannot fix it. I do not know if the problem lies in SDL on Mac or in an Apple library. At best, we can do as kreator offered in that thread: add a big scary warning that MIDI is a bad idea on Mac.

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