D2 Thief steals things he shouldn't be able to (most recent build)
7/30/2017 nightly build

In Descent II (D2X-Rebirth), the Thief is able to steal all of my primary weapons, including even decreasing my laser level by one unit at a time. In the original Descent II (Dos), among primary weapons, the Thief can ONLY steal your Vulcan and Gauss Cannons, or Quad Lasers. It can NOT alter your laser level or steal anything that is in the 3-5 weapon slots. (It can steal one bullet at a time for any secondary weapon.)

The ability to steal all forms of primary weapons makes this robot considerably more harsh and dangerous, and I strongly feel that, at the very least, there should be a toggle to disallow the Thief from touching your non-Vulcan/Gauss primaries, just as it behaves in Dos, if not outright reverse the entire D2X-Rebirth code back to one that doesn't allow a Thief to steal these additional primaries.

In order to reproduce, simply start any Descent II level that has a Thief in it (I will mention I was in a custom level in case that matters), use the honestbob cheat to fill your weaponry up, and allow the Thief to come and steal something. If it happens not to steal a primary in this case, just let it attack again.

It also seems like the Thief can steal at least three items at once. In Dos, the Thief cannot steal more than two items in a single attack, perhaps not even more than one.
Any update? You can have time you need, but this problem is real game-breaker for me so I'd like to know status.
Status: Not been online yet to check. (Just a guess.)

Quick note: I think the thief tends towards the currently selected weapon.
It does, but it can steal THREE primaries at a time, often but not always including the one you have selected. In Dos, the Thief only steals ONE item at a time, and it can't steal any primary besides Vulcan/Gauss and the Quad Laser upgrade.

This is a total game-breaker as it makes the Thief ridiculously potent. Basically you're at 'Threat: Extreme' instead of 'Threat: Moderate'.
I only check once or twice a day. According to the forum, I was last online several hours before you first posted this thread (but I think it doesn't show you my last online time).

I don't recall changing anything like this in a very very long time. As I see it, you are reporting two issues here:

Issue #1: You assert that the thief previously was not able to steal primary weapons other than Vulcan/Gauss.
Issue #2: You assert that the thief is now stealing in bulk, and previously stole one at a time.

I do not recall changing either of these. However, digging through the history, I now suspect that I changed issue #1 in Track vulcan ammo explicitly when I fixed an ancient oddity that all primary weapons had ammo counters, but only the Vulcan/Gauss cannon used the ammo counter. If so, it appears that the Thief was defective in retail and was meant to be able to steal all primaries, but failed to do so due to that oddity. This change was made Sep 2013.

For issue #2, that might be some weirdness with the thief colliding multiple times in short order and triggering a new theft each time. This is not intended.
The Thief stealing primaries is to me insanely annoying, and it is not vanilla, so can you at least put in a toggle restricting theft of energy weapons? I don't think it's asking too much to have the option to match vanilla on a  aspect such as that. 

As for multiple items, that never happens in Dos and is a bug. (Yes it's separate.)
Also could you just add a toggle to suppress the Thief? XL has it. I'm sure a lot of other people would like that as well. But if not, please at least allow it to not be any more aggressive than it is in Dos.
Zico has historically been rather opposed to adding new toggles. The game should not require extensive configuration before it is ready. Zico, any comment on this? The failure-to-steal-primary bug was fixed almost 4 years ago and this is the first I've seen reports of it being a problem.

I've thought a few times about adding knobs to manage the thief, but the in-game interface is rather cumbersome, so I don't like putting in new menus if I can avoid it.

After looking at the code further, multiple thefts are possible, and done in a somewhat strange way. They have been possible for a very very long time, too.
rval += attempt_to_steal_item_2(objp, player_num);

    for (i=0; i<3; i++) {
        if (!rval || (d_rand() < 11000)) {  //  about 1/3 of time, steal another item
            rval += attempt_to_steal_item_2(objp, player_num);
        } else
That is the code as it appeared when it was first imported into D2X (not D2X-Rebirth, just D2X). It would try to steal one thing. If it failed, or if it rolled a random number in the right range, it would try again. That loop iterates three times, so if you get sufficiently unlucky random rolls, you can lose 4 items per collision. So, if it never happens in DOS, then that is another bug that was fixed somewhere along the way. Since it's based on random numbers, it's also possible that your tests under DOS did not roll sufficiently badly against you.
The chance of this randomly happening almost all the time in Rebirth and NEVER in Dos over tens and hundreds of trials is next to zero.

This truly makes Thief bots impossible for me to manage. I literally at the moment have to just go into DLE and remove them. While Dos is not without its bugs, D2X-Rebirth is supposed to be as faithful and vanilla as possible and that means only bugs that actually could cause crashes should be fixed IMO. Other 'fixes' should not just be forced on the player, especially ones that affect gameplay and difficulty like this.

I have not seen Zico in ages. It's really simple - just add one more box in the options that says 'Keep Thief capabilities faithful to Dos', or something of that sort. I'd really appreciate it and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

As for the change being 'old', I'm not asking for a complete rollback, just a new option.
Thief can also steal INVULN Huh (v0581)

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