Crash Vignettes Level 15 (or Enemy Vignette Level 14) opening first door
D1X-Rebirth v0.59.1 build 57b6707 dated 6/14/2017 (the download for the 7/2/2017 build is broken)

In Descent Vignettes, Level 15 will load up, but as soon as I shoot open the door straight in front of me, the game crashed instantly with "invalid notside". Dos runs this level fine (no crashes).

D2X-Rebirth same build opening first door on Level 14 (which is same map as Level 15 in D1 version) also crashes with same error.

Any further information necessary?
Yes. Where can I get this level group?
Sorry I had thought this mission was basically a 'staple', my bad. It is here (the original D1 set:

You'll probably need to do gabbagabbahey, then farmerjoe, then enter 15.

For D2 it's here: The same map is Level 14 here; use freespace 14 if necessary. The error is the same in both versions though.
Any update here as of yet? Just checking.
No. I only have time to work on Rebirth every few days. I fully expect to find that this is a broken level, which is usually a nuisance to work around, meaning I need to allocate more time to it.
I played this set in Rebirth back in 2012, same hog file, and there wasn't a crash on this level then.

But anyways hat's fine then, just post update whenever you get around to it, no hurry. Hopefully it isn't too hard to fix whatever's causing it.

By the way, is there a working URL for the more recent 7/2/2017 build?
As I expected, the level was (slightly) broken. There were asymmetric segment links, which is not allowed. Prior to 2014, this triggered an Int3(), which most builds mapped to nothing. I changed it to an exception because I thought it was already a hard error and that using an exception would provide better context than the Int3 trap. In reality, Int3 was silently ignored, but the exception was not, so my change intended to improve context in existing error reporting instead introduced new error reporting.

I added code to fix the asymmetric links and log a diagnostic when it does so. Please retry with a nightly from today.
There's no new nightly download currently on the site. If I need to compile myself, can you give me a link and instructions how to generate the EXE? Or alternatively, just upload an archive that includes whatever files have been changed since 6/14/2017 and link to it.
So there isn't. Nightlies are supposed to come out every night though. It's right there in the name. Wink

If you want to build it yourself, you can git clone the repository or use Github's web UI to download a git archive of the current code. If you have all the dependencies installed, running scons without options should be sufficient. If not, it will tell you what dependencies you lack.
Yeah, the term "nightly" is misleading...they're really more "weeklies" Tongue

Speaking of which, there's gonna be a new one posted tonight (or possibly earlier).

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