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This is a test post...I think I've fixed the issue! Big Grin
There's a bug in MyBB related to posts not being visible on threads with deleted posts (which this thread has).

Here's the link if anyone's interested:

Thankfully that bug only happens when users are set to be able to view deletion notices in a thread. I've disabled that setting, and things should be good now. (Once the bug is fixed, I'll re-enable it).
I think I've also finally fixed the code tag bug as well Smile
Yep, the posts stopped being invisible for me, and the unintended smilies disappeared from Kp's code tags. Thanks!

Oh yeah, there's another code tag issue we found recently: it seems that the forum is discarding leading spaces inside code tags. Here's an example in which Kp tried to post a diff, but the leading spaces disappeared, rendering the diff unusable. Would it be possible to fix that one too? Smile
OK, the css has been updated to preserve whitespace in code blocks Smile

Due to caching, you may have to do a shift+F5 to reload the css file in order to see the fix.
That fix has its own problem. There are now bogus extra line breaks between each expected line. You used white-space: pre to preserve internal whitespace, but that also preserves newlines. The forum already generated forced new lines with explicit br tags. As far as I know, there are no standard values for white-space that can preserve internal whitespace and also collapse newlines. You need to remove the explicit br tags, remove the internal newlines, or collapse newlines.
This is just a test...

Testing 1 2 3


Alrighty, it's now fixed. It's a dirty hack, but it's fixed.

(Basically there's a function in MyBB that replaces all newlines with <br /> tags. I wrote my own function that does that, but then for anything in <code> tags, it converts it back to newlines.) (Reference: )
Cool, that's looking much better now! Unfortunately, I just noticed another issue that I had overlooked ... tab characters inside code tags are getting converted to four spaces each. That one also breaks diffs, since the `patch` command doesn't recognize the original lines if they contain tabs where the diff has spaces. (Sorry - I imagine it's getting irritating having to fix all these stupid little whitespace issues ... Tongue )
without tab
with 1 tab
with 2 tabs

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