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So, I'm considering buying a theme for the forum...this one in particular:

I'd change the background to black, and re-add the latest posts box. What do y'all think?
Since there were problems, I've reverted back to the default theme (with a custom .css file) for the time being. Check out the theme I linked above, and let me know what you think, cause that's probably what I'm going to be doing.

Also, I'm fairly certain the posts not appearing was a problem with the theme, but could y'all let me know if there's still an issue?

Let's see. As a guest I see Blargets post as last on first page but as logged in his is second on second page - lol it's minor thing.
Youtube video doesn't show how populated thread page looks like... never mind.
Current theme is OK maybe except that post gray background.
i like the current theme. i just wish the users were to the side of the posts like most other forums.

that theme has too much eye candy and gradients, thats so windows XP/Vista.

i was just starting to get attached to the pretty sig boxes, despite being clunkier.
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The problem with the current theme is that it's not responsive. I'm gonna give that theme a try, and if y'all really hate it, we can either go back to this one or try something else Smile
I agree with Daedalus : 'users were to the side of the posts like most other forums'
I'm not as much conservative on this one yet one post did take less space with avatar (and possibly signature) alongside with the post itself.

theme not responsive? it is forum not a game lol
Lol by responsive I meant being mobile-friendly Smile
I don't really see the point of paying for CSS tweaks, even if it is relatively cheap. On the other hand, I'll probably start writing personal CSS overrides within a few days if anything bothers me enough.

The import seems to have mostly gone smoothly, although the ignored users list got mangled. I found myself ignoring a nobody user who has been inactive for years and whose posts I never cared about. I'm pretty sure I never put this user on my ignore list on the old forum.

Responsive design for mobile is usually just a matter of having an appropriate set of styles in the right at-rule guard.

I'd definitely like to see the "latest posts" summary restored. I found that handy as a way of checking overall forum activity.
There is still the effect that I can see some posts only when I'm not logged in (like kp's post in this thread). The blue-on-gray stuff is also hard to read, and inside code boxes, it is even lightgray on white, which is totally unreadable. And without the recent post page, it is really hard to follow what is going on.
I just wanna give an apology as to the slow fixes for this forum. I'm getting married in two weeks (from tomorrow), and thinks are pretty crazy right now, so I don't get much time to work on other things. My goal is to get this forum back working swimingly ASAP, but it may realistically not be till after my wedding (though I'll try to work on it next week some).

It doesn't help that I can't for the LIFE of me figure out the post disappearing issue... Dang

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