D2X Beta 60.1 crashes when loading level 17 win 10
(07-20-2018, 02:30 AM)Kp Wrote: It does.  However, in thinking about it further, I should have asked for descent2.ham, not descent2.hog.  I have 9f621706cbd601bd6938a44f5fb7e5cc55d4b61f for descent2.ham and size 1307598.  What about you?

Does the change I pushed to master avoid the crash for you?

Whoops, late on this, but here's my D2.ham hash:

9f 62 17 06 cb d6 01 bd 69 38 a4 4f 5f b7 e5 cc 55 d4 b6 1f

As for the latest build, not sure -- haven't had a chance to test that, unfortunately!
That is strange. I don't know where you are getting the bad data, since the file I thought would provided the data matches mine, and mine works fine. At this point, the only way to fix this may be to create and use a build with extensive tracing to log what resources are loaded and from where. In the meantime, the change I pushed might let you get past the crash. It also might simply move the crash elsewhere, since it only prevents one site from using the bad data, rather than actually fixing the data.

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