[D1X-R 0.60 beta 1 Windows 7] Spreadfire cannon consumes too much energy
In the original DOS version of Descent, the Spreadfire cannon consumes the same amount of energy that the normal laser does: 1/2 point per shot on Hotshot difficulty and up. However, in the current beta of D1X-Rebirth, this cannon consumes twice as much energy.

The Spreadfire cannon consumes the correct amount of energy in D2X-Rebirth (which is, again, the same amount as the laser).
This was fixed in Reduce D1 spreadfire cost in February 2017. Is it still an issue for you?
Looks to me like it's working properly in the latest dev version. (Wow ... that thing about two Spreadfire Cannons existing in the code ... I wonder what the story behind that one is. Tongue )
It's working for me too.
There is technically an unused spreadfire - RBoTEdit (probably) and the latest DLE (for sure) show it as "Silent Spreadfire"

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