[D1X-R 0.60 beta 1 Windows 7] Countdown siren starts a bit late
When the player destroys the reactor or boss, a siren sound starts playing a certain amount of time after the countdown starts. Below are the delays that were used in the original DOS games:

Descent: slightly more than 5 seconds
Descent 2: slightly less than 7 seconds

In the current beta, both D1X-Rebirth and D2X-Rebirth are using Descent 2's delay, even though D1X-Rebirth should be using Descent's delay.
Was this correct in 0.58.1-d1x?  The relevant code looks to be unchanged since then.  I see in the history that zico changed the siren implementation in tags/0.56-d1x-116-g4b1faafc15b19185b1303b5f977d32d14f6b1a7c (Handling Controlcen countdown Descent2-way to make code more similar but more importantly to avoid issues in Multiplayer levels which do not even have a Controlcen type Station causing the game get stuck in an infinite loop; Fixed small issue parsing killreactor command in Multiplayer), which sounds like it could be the cause.  That would have appeared after 0.56-d1x, so 0.57-d1x would be the first affected release.
I just tried D1X-Rebirth 0.58.1; it also uses Descent 2's delay.
Since this was a side effect of a more invasive change to fix a real bug, reverting it is not an option. In what way does this affect gameplay such that the delay "should" be reverted to Descent 1?
In that case, it's fine to leave it as it is, since it has no impact on gameplay and doesn't really sound "wrong."

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