[dxx 0.58.1 win] After loading coop save game, weapons lost after death
Got it working in d1x now as well.  I put my work on a fork here: https://github.com/deftflux/dxx-rebirth

On branches d1x/master and d2x/master.
Yeah, the current beta builds are stable with the exception of the bugs on Github.

If you have suggestions for building instructions, PLEASE let us know! I would love it if we could get step-by-step instructions for compiling on Windows. And actually, not being able to find the header files/libraries was where I got stuck last time I tried setting up a build environment on Windows. Kp, do you know how to point the compiler to them?

Also, using the physfs libs from the download is fine...physfs hasn't been updated in several years. If we do get step-by-step instructions, I think we should host the compiled physfs .dlls somewhere for people to download (or, I guess we could just tell them to copy it from the official release)...

Currently all of the Windows builds are compiled by me on a Linux system, so you're the first person to have a working Windows development environment for Rebirth in quite some time Tongue

Thanks again for contributing...it's so nice to have another person on-board! Smile
I assume you would use the same technique as on traditional platforms.  Use -I or -isystem as a compiler flag to add an include search directory if your headers are not installed in /usr/local/include (or equivalent).  Use -L as a linker-driver flag to add a library search directory if your libraries are not in /usr/local/lib (or equivalent).  Use $CPPFLAGS / $LDFLAGS to add compiler flags / linker-driver flags to the appropriate command lines.

CPPFLAGS="-isystem C:\dev\games\include" LDFLAGS="-LC:\dev\games\lib" scons options

I do not know how to build the dependencies from source on a Windows host.  I use cross-compiled SDL/physfs here.

The Windows instructions are vague because it was a choice between making them vague versus making them specific and possibly wrong, since I had no way to test them.

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