10 years of DXX-Rebirth! Happy Birthday, my child!
The Full Story: http://www.dxx-rebirth.com/news/10-years...-my-child/

Feel free to discuss. Happy Birthday to you all! Smile
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Happy Birthday zico!! Thank you so very very much for all the hard work you've put into this over the years. You single-handedly kept Descent alive for many years, and from the bottom of my heart, thanks! Smile

Here's to the next 10 years! (Although, hopefully we get to 1.0 before then Wink )

I'm not forgotten you. Now I busy playing Batman Arkham Knight and recently Mad Max.

Happiest of birthdays to DXX-Rebirth!

I had a fantastic time playing Descent II in my youth (comparatively, now I'm 17  Big Grin) on an old Windows 98, and when that computer died and I couldn't get it to work on my WinXP, I thought the games were lost forever... then I found this great sourceport, bought D1 from GOG, and had many more adrenaline-filled hours navigating the mines, rescuing hostages, and generally raising hell.

So, zico, many thanks for your countless hours of labor on this project - the Descent community appreciates it!
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Fun times behind us, and fun times ahead. Thanks for all the work Zico and kp.
Happy birthday Zico! Many thanks for keeping the ONLY computer games worthy of my free time (so farSmile alive and well... and also many thanks for not abandoning us Mac users! Looking forward to the new release.

All the best
Hello Smile

Congratulations on making it to the 10th year of DXX-Rebirth, even that there have not been any updates in the past what 2 years or so?

Hmm I would of hoped for more updates would of been released, but I guess you had other things on your mind? Can happen.

Some even thought you stopped supporting DXX-Rebirth, all because that we never got any updates after 0.58.1..which was a while ago, i just hope you are really doing okay Zico, it's been a while since I got a mail from your community , even from you likewise.

Sorry for not being here much, got two Primal Carnage related communities, a Paleontology Community and a Impressive Title community running, been here and there and everywhere else, and then there is the Descent Underground community a great place to be part of Smile

Always waiting for a 0.58.2 or 0.59 though xDD with that I just hope DXX-Rebirth makes areturn or a comeback what you lot would call it Smile

Hang in there bud, I am still here, always happy to chat ya again, I really miss those old days, yoi too right?
Guess everyone does.

Obi out Smile
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Y'all can always check out the latest beta in the Unification thread on this forum Smile

Playing Rebirth started as "oh look, I can play Descent on Linux" to "oh look, I'm better at this game than ever before." I've probably played Rebirth more than the original at this point. Thanks for the hard work!
Hmm it's fine I use D1X & D2X Retro from Lotharbot & Drakona this works wonderfully for my needs,  after they showed me it Descent feels like how it was, no more OP weapons, somehow Rebirth did make the homing missiles Homers, Guided's, Mega's Shakers ec  Home in way too sharp the game was never like that, the original that being.

Even played the original without rebirth on my old gaming system from 1999 and the retro fix really did it.
Anyways I do hope that the newest version will have this fix as well, if that is planned.

Great to see some of you still come here Smile
3dfx Graphics Accelerators ... So Powerful, It's Kind of Ridiculous.

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