10 years of DXX-Rebirth! Happy Birthday, my child!
Happy Birthday Dxx-Rebirth!

Thank you for keeping this game alive.
Here's a massive "thank you" to all the hard-working people developing and testing DXX-Rebirth for keeping my favorite game series alive and fully functional over the years. (Well, the two games of the three that are actually open-source and possible to improve. Wink ) I've had uncountable fun times reliving the classic single-player missions, discovering new ones, teaming up against the bots with buddies, and sharpening my skills in competitive multiplayer - all because of you guys.

Happy tenth, DXX-Rebirth, and many more. Big Grin
Happy Birthday, DXX-Rebirth.

I still remember discovering the original d1x/d2x projects in the early 2000s, but was also a bit disappointed by all the bugs and shortcomings these had. Rebrith has improved so much over the years.

Kudos to all the people who kept descent alive during the last decade!
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Thank you so so much, dear Rebirth-Team, for let Descent 1 & 2 alive!!! Smile

It was a very big pleasure for me, to play this classic games again. Smile
Happy B'day! Congrats!
Some day within the next 10 years I'll play, and contribute, again!
I miss you! Wink
zif: Why haven't they fixed that yet :S
Ralathar: Bug report it :p
zif: I'll bug report you
Happy Birthday, DXX-Rebirth.

A bunch of various things happening recently means that all those fancy tools I've been working on in the past probably won't actually happen, but I think for the purposes of some sort of celebration, I'll dump what source I have created sometime soon. No promises it will be anything special, but hopefully it could be of use to someone.
Happy Birthday, zico!

While I am a very unsteady player, I always did and always will appreciate your hard work and efforts to keep Descent 1/2 alive! Due to reasons out of my control I had to step back from playing DXX-Rebirth every now and then (sometimes for months, sometimes for years), but I will ALWAYS come back to this masterpiece of software, sooner or later. Smile

Thanks again, and I hope you keep well for the next decades!

And I told you not to descent without having a breakfast first... Wink
A big 'Happy Birthday' to DXX-Rebirth and a massive vote of thanks to those who have kept it alive after all of these years! As well as playing the game every day I package both games for Slackware:


and I look forward to more Descent goodness in the upcoming releases Smile
The build process has been substantially improved since the last release.  Your old style should still work (and I consider it a bug if it does not), but you can save some build time by adjusting to the new process.  In particular, both games are now tracked in a single tree and can be built by a single command.  When built this way, code that is shared between them is built only once, then linked into both games.  If you use the old style, you will compile the shareable code once for each game.
Happy birthday DXX-Rebirth! Also, Happy New Year everyone! (Always late). Aahh, old times playing Descent. I think I'm going to start it again. Looking forward to DXX v1.0. Zico, you did a great job with this source port. Respect!
(If anyone's interested, I'm that "annoying Guidebot2 guy that doesn't know how to use google" Tongue. Years have passed, and I changed pretty much.) I was just thinking to visit again this old but great forum with awesome people. And maybe start talking. Nice to see you all and again, Happy Birthday DXX-Rebirth!
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