Collision on Logic
On the level Logic, at the door by the fan, if you fly into the bottom corner (facing away from the fan) you will start to go into the wall. Is this a level problem or a collision code problem?
Posting this here instead of making a new thread because they might be related.

There's an issue with edges. You can reproduce the issue with the following steps:
-Have bottom of ship on surface, with edge to left or right (like a floor with a drop off)
-Slide down and towards edge
-Once cleared of edge bank to drop side of ship closest to edge
-Immediately slide back towards the wall (like you're trying to get out just enough so you can still stick to the wall)

What happens:
It seems like a portion of your ship will clip through the wall, and if you move into the wall you'll "get stuck" a bit. Can't slide along the wall like you normally can until you get unstuck.
There have always been a few inaccuracies with the Descent collision code I am afraid. I've tried to tinker with this and improve wherever I could - without breaking anything (the way to the reactor in D1 lvl 10 is actually a bit too small for the ship to fit in). Most of these changes I implemented before 0.58 but Unification has some fixes for movement/collision code that may slightly alter how my changes behave - but that should be largely unnoticeable (or improving them).

There is still some inconsistencies I have not found a way around, yet (again, without breaking other levels). I have changed the original function PARALLAX implemented to push you away from a wall if you clip through it but it still stays a workaround - not a solution for the actual problem.

On hard edges - i.e. where walls meet at sharp angles, there is still the chance the hitbox intersects with both these walls and the collision code may get confused as to in which direction to push you away, causing the ship to get stuck slightly. Usually you should be able to get out by flying/sliding away from the edge altogether but sliding along it may prove difficult depending on your angle to the edge.

However if there is still a level where you can peek behind a wall by intersecting through it, I will need to check this out.

I will definitely try to improve this further in the future.
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