Improved Bounty Mode
1. Lots of Shield with a slider
2. Infinite Energy
3. Faster
4. Extra ram damange
I didn't specifically mean that you could only endorse a limited list of options, though that certainly makes it easier for me. Wink I'm a bit disappointed that you two are the only ones to respond. Is there no one else who cares about this feature?
I guess so, Maybe they just want monster ball again ayy. I just realized we did Rocket League before it was cool.
What's Bounty? lol

Bounty is real fun when all participants are of equal skill more or less - which is pure theory with playerbase so small as Descent community. So these games end up as slamming the crowd game type.
I know it's also valid for other modes yet the rules of Bounty work to multiply that effect.
Anarchy - you have so many potential targets as the number of other players.
Bounty - there is only one target to get points, but the Target has everyone else on the plate.
There is 'Turkey shoot' game type popular among Rangers. Its like bounty but instead of giving killing advantage to the target it is taken away and replaced with the ability to use afterburner(D2) as the only one in the match.

'Last Man Standing' mode could be fun.

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