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Hi all, maybe there's already a thread about this. But i was wondering if there was anywhere I could read a list of current features as well as planned features for future releases. Thanks!
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There is no centralized reference for planned features.  You can get some hints at it from the Github issues for the project, but there are things listed there with no immediate milestone (i.e. not targeted to the next release, and may never happen at all) and there are features already implemented that have no tickets.  I have not been maintaining a list of features, because no one showed any interest.  You could try to extract a list of new features from the Git commit logs, but with 3800 non-merge commits since the last release, that could take a while.

On the positive side, since big features are configurable, they can be discovered by exploring the various menus and the available command line options.  If you have any particular features in mind, I can address whether it exists or is planned.

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