New feature: netgame option to duplicate powerups at level load
Per request from A Future Pilot, I implemented a feature from the Rangers' Retro mod: host-initiated duplication of powerups at level load time.  Fetch Add netgame parameter to duplicate powerups or later to use it.

This option is intended for large deathmatch games, but can be enabled in any network game, if the host chooses to use it.  If the host does not configure the feature, then the feature makes no changes to the level.

This feature adds an option labelled "Duplicate powerups at level start" to the host's Advanced Options multiplayer dialog.  The new menu lets the host specify a count between 0 and 7 for primaries, secondaries, and (for D2) accessories.  There are separate counts for each of the categories, so a host could duplicate missiles but not primaries or accessories.  During level load, the game will locate each primary, secondary, and accessory, and add the specified number of duplicates in the same segment as the item was found.  As an enhancement relative to the Rangers version, each clone is displaced slightly within the segment and has its frame number changed, so that the clones spin out of phase relative to the original, and are not layered immediately on top of each other.  This allows players to pick up only some of the clones, rather than all of them.  The Rangers version disables the powerup cap code when duplicates are in use.  This version adjusts the powerup caps to account for the duplicates, but does not disable powerup capping.  However, it would be easy to add a flag to disable powerup capping if players prefer the uncapped version.

The granted items feature converts placed powerups to shields before the duplicate items feature runs, so if a powerup is granted and is also of a type that would be duplicated, the grant will place a single shield and that shield will not be duplicated.

Powerups duplicated by the "duplicate primaries" entry:
  • Laser powerup
  • Quad lasers
  • Vulcan cannon
  • Vulcan ammo
  • Spreadfire cannon
  • Plasma cannon
  • Fusion cannon
  • Super laser powerup
  • Gauss cannon
  • Helix cannon
  • Phoenix cannon
  • Omega cannon

Powerups duplicated by the "duplicate secondaries" entry:
  • Concussion missiles (single and 4-pack)
  • Homing missiles (single and 4-pack)
  • Proximity bombs
  • Smart missiles
  • Mega missiles
  • Flash missiles (single and 4-pack)
  • Guided missiles (single and 4-pack)
  • Smart mines
  • Mercury missiles (single and 4-pack)
  • Earthshaker missiles

Powerups duplicated by the "duplicate accessories" entry:
  • Full map
  • Energy converter
  • Ammo rack
  • Afterburner
  • Headlight

Questions, comments, and suggestions welcome.
I know no one has said anything on here, but thanks a whole lot for doing this! Smile A LOT of people use it!

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