Descent Underground, A Prequel of Descent 1994 :)
Hai all Smile

Here a new Descent game and yes it is happening finally!!

All behold the 4th Descent installment!!! Descent Underground!!!!! This is a Prequel to Descent First Strike! which was released on December 17, 1994.

Here are the livestreams that WingMan and his team did to talk more about the game and the focus of development.

This is THE moment we all have been waiting for  even I myself find it hard to even believe it is finally happening, feel free to support this fabulous project  Cool

Here their main page:

Here their forum:

Over there  I go as Obi-Wan Kenobi at the forums and I am just helping them get some publicity, they are using Unreal Engine 4.0 and the game will be fully SMP Friendly and have full 64 Bit Support.

Also I made my intro with my Descent/Freespace collection which is the largest of it's kind in the world:

Since I still enjoy playing Descent 1 & 2 and sometimes 3 as well I thought I'd pass this along here, so you new gen gamers can also try out this new game when its ready for Early Access Smile

The game is a 6DoF meaning Six Degrees of Freedom so it will be like flying a Harrier Jump Jet in many ways, DU will have Single player & full Multiplayer support over ISP and LAN,

But yer feel free to check it out it's pretty good looking and the gameplay will make this a hit I am thinking, we needed a new Descent badly and I am sure that this will surly give the Descent fans what they all have been waiting for, catch ya around my DBB Buddies  :E

And here a link showing the so far planned roadmap

Proving Grounds starts in August 2015 and goes on forever - as people will be testing new weapons and maps before they are approved to go into alpha testing.
Alpha Testing starts in October 2015 - a few good pilots needed to help us balance all the game play.
Backer Beta starts in January 2016 - you backed early, you play early.
Launch (Single Player Prologue and Multi-Player) March 2016 - Wohoo!
Epic Single Player Campaign August 2016

I have backed this project with a 250 USD Pledge, Since this is a new Descnet and I love Descent to the core ! Heart

We love Descent so lets keep the game we all love alive, thanks to the DU Team we are gonna get a new Descent Smile
3dfx Graphics Accelerators ... So Powerful, It's Kind of Ridiculous.
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Well since your link didn't work Pumo I make the new announcement here since DU can be alot of fun if you play it correctly Smile

Hey all!  Smile

As one of the Alpha Backers of Descent Underground from Descendent Studio's; This game has changed a lotsince the past year!  :mrgreen:  :mrgreen:  :mrgreen:

Hereby I make an announcement to call out some more friends & people to join me with this game, it's a 6DoF FPS game that requires Team Cooperation and Team Support to succeed as it's Survival, Team Anarchy & Cooperate War game modes go, they are to me the best game modes, but there are also many other modes as well.  Cool

Descent Underground has a Free Demo that includes all game modes and maps with one of the many flyable drones, which is the Wasp, these can deploy turrets to support team mates when capturing zones for example when playing Survival mode.

Do keep in mind this game is an Early Access game and the Descendent Studo's Developers are doing their utmost best to keep this game up to date, you can view Wingman's Hanger on You-Tube every Friday at 6PM GMT +1 but sometimes also on Twitch which will hold live Streams.

Here the Descendent Studio's Main page:

Here their main forum page:

Here the Descent Underground Store page on Steam:

This game runs on Microsoft Windows 7+ Linux & Apple OS but Operating Systems do need to be 64Bit and not 32Bit.
VR is supported, although not required

So hereby I hope to see you all Underground  and please give DU a chance, the game can be loads of fun with the right people Cool
May The Force Be With You Always ... Underground   Cool
3dfx Graphics Accelerators ... So Powerful, It's Kind of Ridiculous.

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