Do Flares Attract Homing Missiles?
A guy on the GOG forum just told me that if you shoot a flare at a wall near you, and someone fires a homing missile at you, that the missile will hit the flare and not you. Is this true?? How have I not known this??? lol
This could be done in a mod, but it is not the case in Rebirth, and as far as I know has never been in Descent (retail), DXX, or DXX-Rebirth.  See find_homing_object_complete for the full implementation.  In short, homing weapons can track robots/players (as appropriate based on who fired it) and, in Descent 2 (but not Descent 1), track proximity bombs / smart mines.
OK, thanks for the info! Smile
Since you have an account there, would you mind correcting the person who made that claim?  I'd rather not have misinformation floating around undisputed.

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