[D1X Windows] Map glitch!
Very simple:

- Play Co-op (or any multiplayer game, in theory - only tested in Co-op)
- Blow up the reactor
- Fly towards the exit
- Hit the Map button right before you pass the door. You should have enough momentum to pass on through, and you'll hear the escape music as your ship marker proceeds through the exit
- At the start of the next level, you will begin with the map screen open.

[Image: UVG5zt0.png]

... wat?

I can only surmise that it is rendering the vertices from the previous level, in the positions of the new level. Oops. Exiting and re-entering the map fixes the issue.
\"Silent... where are you?\"
Confirmed, and it affects the latest code too.  Neither ASan nor Valgrind report any problems.  However, while testing, I hit a trap that features this comment:
        // GET JOHN! (And tell him that his
        // MAX_EDGES_FROM_VERTS formula is hosed.)
        // If he's not around, save the mine,
        // and send him  mail so he can look
        // at the mine later. Don't modify it.
        // This is important if this happens.
So, I suggest bugging John. Smile
I like how it took us 20 years to find this silly bug. Tongue

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