Unofficial Unauthorized D2 Sound Patch
Hey there,

There's been quite a lot of hassle over the years regarding the lack of certain D1 sounds for corresponding content in Descent 2. I've remedied this issue a while ago by creating a patch under the direction of Jeff250. The patch has already been published on DescentBB, but I never bothered to give it a proper introduction on this board - while there definitely will be some user base overlap, I hope to get this out to more people.

In UUD2SP, you can expect:
- Repaired sounds that got inadvertently sped up to 2x the speed for some reason: D1 boss deathroll, afterburner stopping, class 1 driller cry, earthshaker missile aftereffects, smart missile impact, multiplayer info beep
- Restored proper cries and weapon sound effects for the D1 bots: Class 2 Drone, Gopher, Heavy Driller, Medium Lifter, Spider, Cloaked Lifter, Advanced Lifter, Fusion Hulk
- Restored the proper sounds of all D1-introduced doors and secret doors. While most of the regular doors were absent from Counterstrike and Vertigo, this change does affect the ones that weren't - secret doors used in Counterstrike and Vertigo levels, as well as the gray door used in levels such as Riverbed Mine or Y'tor III.
- Changed the ventillation fan sound from its D2 sound to the D1 sound preferred by the community.
- Fixed the D1 boss sounds - the perpetual ticking sound and the Class 1 Drone "see" sound were mixed up with each other in the previous version. Now you'll hear appropriate sounds when listening to the D1 bosses in D2. Along with Zico's newly reinstated D1 boss AI in D2, that should give you the consummate D1 boss experience.

The content in this patch does not otherwise impinge on any pre-existent content and can be employed safely. The only changes you'll see while playing D2 will be the D1-introduced doors and the fan. Where this patch truly shines are missions such as The Apocalyptic Factor, where the D1 robot roster is used alongside the D2 cast in equal proportions.

The files can be downloaded here.

To install, just replace the appropriate D2 files with the ones you find in the ZIP (you'll need to rename them) and you're done. The new sounds come at no cost to anything in the game, so you don't even need to make backup copies of your original files, as you're sacrificing nothing. You'd probably be still well served to do that, though, just to be sure.
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Nice. How do you install it in D2X-Rebirth?
(01-22-2015, 07:30 PM)jrrtoken link Wrote:Nice. How do you install it in D2X-Rebirth?

There's no installation, per se; you just do this (skip to the "Edit" below to see a significantly easier way):

  1. Download UUD2SP.ZIP to anywhere you want (it doesn't have to be anywhere near your Descent 2 folder - it's entirely up to you where it goes).
  2. Open your main Descent 2 folder
  3. Create a new folder inside the main Descent 2 folder and give it any name that you want (for example: "Original Files"). Note: this folder that you are creating can actually go ANYwhere you want it to! It doesn't have to be in your Descent 2 folder, or anywhere near it for that matter. As with the .ZIP file, it's entirely up to you where this new folder goes.
  4. Move (or cut and paste) the following files from the main Descent 2 folder to that new folder: Descent2.S11, Descent2.S22, and Descent2.HAM
  5. Open UUD2SP.ZIP and extract all of its files into your main Descent 2 folder. Note: after doing this, the files will be in a sub folder named "UUD2SP", so you will need to move them into the main Descent 2 folder after extracting them - these files must be in the main Descent 2 folder for this to work).
  6. After extracting these files (and moving them after extraction), rename them in the following manner: where you see "UUD2SP" in the file name, change it to "Descent2" (for all 3 files), without changing the file extensions (.S11, .S22 or .HAM)

You're done!

Now, if you want to go back to the original sounds, then the easiest way would be to put the original files back (move or cut and paste them back to the main Descent 2 folder), saying 'Yes' that you want to overwrite the files that you renamed in step 6.

Yes, there are other ways to do this (such as renaming the original files instead of moving them), but my goal here is simplicity and to make this as easy to understand as possible.

Thanks to ThugsRook, here's a way that's a thousand times easier: just download the zip file below (that I created following his instructions) to your main Descent 2 folder, and then change "ZIP" to "DXA" (and say "Yes" that you're sure that you want to change it).

You will also see that I put UUD2SP.rtf into this .ZIP archive, so if you want to read it, then extract it first so that you don't have to rename this back to .ZIP later on just to get it.

Now you're done. Smile If you want to go back to the original sounds, then just change "DXA" to something else (like "ZIP", or "LOL", or whatever you want - and change it back to "DXA" to go back to the UUD2SP sounds).
I wonder if its possible  to make it as dxa extension instead. Renaming it in place of original files feels messy + you can't use it along with other extensions.
I know that D2X-XL supports S11 and S22 files as per-level addons and that might go all the way back to the original D1X/D2X.  Don't quote me on it, but support might already be there.  'Course if it is and Zico hasn't done anything with it yet, it's probably buggy.

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Yes, s11 and s22 per level would be awesome (it was mentioned before somewhere on this board - .ham file works this way why the heck s11,s22 doesnt Tongue).
Here it is dxa support per mission maybe soon (within next 10 years? lol):

But I was wondering if it already works as main game addon. I mean, packing s11 and s22 into dxa and place that dxa in main game folder.
After looking for it for a while:
so it is possible to distribute such things as dxa instead of renaming original files? Elegant, nice way to do it thx to zico - does it work? if so, use it please.Dont make a mess  Wink
descent2.s11 isnt even needed actually, unless you purposely force 11k sounds in the ini.

~rename all files correctly and in lower case. (descent2.s11 descent2.s22 descent2.ham)
~add to zip file.
~rename .zip to .dxa.
~place in descent2 folder.

done Smile
Descender1032: I have to admit that I think it would be better to have some 'installation' instructions, and they would need to be simple and easy for anyone to understand. I mean, look at the first reply to this thread: "Nice. How do you install it in D2X-Rebirth?" (my emphasis). Sure, installing DXX-Rebirth isn't exactly for computer-illiterate users, but still.

So, I would include the instructions in a file named something like "Installation Instructions.rtf". In addition, you can also include the instructions in your original post in this thread just to make sure they're not missed in the archive. One critical part of the instructions is to have the user either rename their original files or move them to a different folder before renaming the UUD2SP files. That way, if they don't like the sounds, then they can just go back to the original files - and instructions on how to do that would be needed. One reason why I think it would be good to have the instructions in a separate document is, it would basically guarantee that your instructions would be seen.

Of course, it could be even easier if the files in your archive were named "Descent2.*" instead of "UUD2SP.*" (like this). That way, the user wouldn't have to rename the files, and it would also be even easier to understand how to get this to work.

As for UUD2SP.rtf, I think it could actually be renamed to something like, "Technical Info.rtf". You could leave the content as is, or perhaps try to simplify it. I recommend trying to simplify it - make it friendlier to the average user. I mean, I'm definitely not the average user, but even I'm a little overwhelmed by it.

Another thing that's probably needed is a very simplified explanation of what the end result will be of 'installing' this. This explanation could either be underneath the instructions in the instructions document, or in Technical Info.rtf - or both!

I think it would be good to also include a list of all the D2 sounds that are changed, explained as the average D2 player would understand them, not as a computer geek would. I think it would be good to also have a list of the names of the D2 bots that have had their sounds changed - and what sounds specifically. Again, the names would be listed as understood by the average D2 player.


(01-23-2015, 09:25 PM)ThugsRook link Wrote:descent2.s11 isnt even needed actually, unless you purposely force 11k sounds in the ini.

~rename all files correctly and in lower case. (descent2.s11 descent2.s22 descent2.ham)
~add to zip file.
~rename .zip to .dxa.
~place in descent2 folder.

done Smile

I tried this, but it's not working. Here's my .DXA file:

The only way that I can get UUD2SP to work is by doing it the way I described in my first reply to this thread.
^ files need to all be named in lower case, including their file extensions ~ yours are not.

the s11 and s22 files work in DXA for sure, the ham i am unsure of.
(01-23-2015, 11:40 PM)ThugsRook link Wrote:^ files need to all be named in lower case ~ yours are not.

the s11 and s22 files work in DXA for sure, the ham i am unsure of.

hehe I figured it out just before you posted.

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