Poll: What is the oldest version of Mac OS X that you want to be able to play Rebirth on?
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Tiger ( 10.4 )
2 50.00%
Leopard ( 10.5 )
0 0%
Snow Leopard ( 10.6 )
0 0%
Lion ( 10.7 )
0 0%
Mountain Lion ( 10.8 )
2 50.00%
Mavericks ( 10.9 )
0 0%
Yosemite ( 10.10 )
0 0%
Total 4 vote(s) 100%
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Oldest supported OS X version


Quote:Mac OS X 10.3 "Panther"
1) You should be using Xcode 1.1 Dev Tools, or up.
2) Open "libmikmod.xcode" with the Xcode app.

Build products
The projects will build a static library with header:
- mikmod.h
- libmikmod.a
And they will also build a dynamic framework bundle:
- mikmod.framework
These build products are normally found in the "build"
folder, unless you have changed your IDE settings...
Unless you are building an application to be used from Mac OS 9 too (which these tools won't do anyway), the
CoreAudio driver is recommended - since it's better...(the library/framework does not build the Carbon driver)
If you *want* to build the Carbon driver, then #define DRV_MAC in the config.h and add Carbon framework below.

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My G4-Mini is fully installed with xcode-tools and teh add-ons but the framework does not be built.
So my best chance is to give up and change the machine to the last version of the g4-mini with
64MB Vram and this machine comes with tiger 10.4...
In the interest of completeness: I'm not ignoring you. I'm waiting for you to post a question that I can answer, or that at least appears to be one you think I could answer. Mikmod support works for me out of the box through my distribution's packages. I've never needed to compile it by hand, and cannot offer any guidance on how to do so.
I upgraded to tiger because I love that game and it works fine now! thx!
Back again to 10.3.9 because I like it more than 10.4.x

- Getting DxxRebirth working on 10.3.9
- Getting the last possible Version of ScummVM working on 10.3.9
- Getting the last zdoom/gzdoom working on 10.3.9 (doomsday-engine (deng) is working already)
- more to come
Any chance to get these mac-files?

Based on the version numbers, those were well after Git history begins, so yes, you should be able to get the sources for those files and rebuild them.

The tag for that release points to:
Thx, but I need the mac-binaries. There are several Downloads of these, but no archived mirror.
I don't know of any archives of those binaries, but why not just rebuild them from the sources? Rebirth has very few external dependencies, so you should be able to get all the historical pieces to recreate those builds.

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