D1X Rebirth V0.58.1 - Game hangs randomly upon killing Level 7 boss
Title says it all. It's EXTREMELY rare (probably less than 1%), but the game will occasionally lock up entirely very shortly after the boss explodes, about when the self-destruct timer is supposed to start. Music continues playing, but inputs do absolutely nothing.
Descent/Descent II Speedrunner
this has been noticed before.

what music are you using? (midi / cd / ogg / etc)
Hello dxx users, i have experienced this level 7 hang earlier this day,but also as im aware there are about 30 levels in descent im unable to progress further to level 8 as upon killing the level 7 boss (after reloading a save)
and then entering the tunnel to end the level i get the static cutscene and text to promote the next level but im simply returned to the main menu when clicking enter ,also i tried the cheat mode simply to try jumping levels but again nothing happens,its as if i literally only have 7 levels? Now to clarify a bit more i have the steam versions of descent and descent 2 and downloaded the automatic dxx rebirth installer from this site,i tried descent 2 and the jump level cheat just to confirm that all levels were present and indeed they all are,so to recap im only experiencing problems when trying to progress immediately after level 7 in descent,thanks .
^ you are using the wrong version of the game data.
(level 8 no music bug)

try turning off the in-game music and try again.

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