KDE desktop 'hotspot' steals mouse focus
KDE 4.1x (probably 4.xx) puts a 'hotspot' in a corner of the screen (configurable) where if you hover the mouse there for a bit it gives you an exploded view of all the windows you have open on your desktop.

I've found that sometimes, when switching between screens in Rebirth (e.g. when exiting from a game being played to the main menu), if the ''background" mouse cursor is in this corner, KDE will grab it and activate its window switching routine.

This does two different things: in the software version, it will yank you out of full screen (without resetting the video mode) and display Rebirth as one of the open windows on the desktop. Unfortunately Rebirth and KDE seem to fight each other for the mouse to the result that it is impossible to click on anything and get back to the game or the desktop. The only recourse I've found is to open a console with ctrl+alt+f1 and kill Rebirth from the command line.

In the OpenGL version I just got working, the mouse focus is stolen by KDE but the game stays active in the foreground (in fullscreen) so it is possible to continue on or quit using the keyboard.

I've 'solved' the problem for now by disabling the hotspot on my machine but it would be nice if Rebirth held on to its mouse focus more rigidly.

This doesn't seem to pop up when playing the Windows exe under WINE BTW. I'm using KDE 4.10.5.
By design, Rebirth drops the input grab when you are not playing.  If it did not, you would be unable to bury the Rebirth window and switch away to other programs.  If you see this problem while you are playing, it needs to be investigated.  Some menus, notably the Abort Game menu, also drop focus even if you are in a game.  If your desktop environment grabs the cursor and provides no mouse-based way to ungrab it, then that sounds like a problem with your desktop environment.  I use Rebirth only under Linux and have never had problems with stuck grabs like this.
Before writing this off as not-a-bug, I would like a bit more information.  When you get into this state, what window has the keyboard focus?  What window has the mouse focus?  What is the Z order between those two windows?  Do you run Rebirth in fullscreen mode or as a window which happens to have the same size as your entire screen?  When you are in this state, does it help to use a keyboard binding to minimize Rebirth?  Why do you need to switch to a text console to kill Rebirth?  Is the keyboard grab still held by Rebirth at that point?

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