side by side vr

I love the game, love the remake!

I have always wanted to play descent in vr, and with the easy to construct vr with smart phones I think this would be an awesome feature.  No need for head tracking and other vr suited inputs.  Just a side by side render with controll to adjust width between the perspectives.

We have had requests like this before from Occulus enthusiasts.  It's on the TODO list, but I have other items higher in priority.  It requires some reworking of the existing render code, but should be doable.
I apologize for reviving an old thread, but I have some useful information on this topic.

One of my friends had VR glasses back in like 1996 or 97 and we experimented with the stereoscopic settings built in to the original DOS version of Descent. If I remember correctly, they did have a side-by-side render built into the game, although I think it may have required some sort of patch. I don't remember all the details from 20+ years ago.

I googled the topic and found someone who gave a pretty detailed description of the feature. Check it out:

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