Hostage doors start destroyed
There is a way to cause a level's hostage door to start off in a destroyed state. By destroying a hostage door, quitting to the main menu while the door is in the process of exploding (or loading a saved game of the same level from before the door was destroyed), and then starting a new game on the same level, the hostage door will spawn in its already-exploding state. This was tested in D1X-Rebirth v0.58.1 using the original Descent level set.
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Does this happen in DOS Descent?  It sounds like a typical case of global state not being reset correctly, which we probably inherited from the original game.

Regardless, nice catch.
confirmed ~ if hostage door is exploding while quiting a game, a reload or restart will have the door already blown up.

(dont know about dos)
Original DOS D1 v1.5 (latest patches) on an real 95 machine (none of this virtual or dosbox garbage) does this, BUT, only if you quit the level BEFORE the door disappears behind the explosion.

strange note: it will fix itself and reappear if you get too close to it
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This should be fixed in Clear exploding walls during init (0.60.x) and Clear exploding walls during init (master).

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