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hey Alter-Fox

As a pro musician I have been dealing with varying levels of performance anxiety (the "proper" term these days) for many years, and I will presume to give two pieces of advice:

1. feeling nervous means you care about what you are doing, and are a thinker (as opposed to being too stupid to be nervous Wink Don't dwell on it (easier said than done, I know)
2. the only cure for it is to get out there and do lots of whatever it is.

The nervous energy can be turned into an asset once you learn how to work with it (it is like an unbroken bronco, powerful and wild but potentially very useful once you learn to control it) - experience is where it's at.

good luck!
Hi. I've been looking for a walkthrough. I've had Rebirth for D2 for a month or so and it's working great. But I'm stuck in a reactor chamber in one of the fire mines. When I go in the chamber the pass through goes away and I can't get out after killing the reactor. Can you help? Thanks
It is possible to replace the 2d sprites with real 3d models? Or at least to allow the sprites to rotate so they don't appear to rotate with the player, in other words give the 2d sprites the same behavior of the hostages sprite.

The 2d sprites bothered me even when the game was new.

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