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Sorry, I used archaic phrasing. You're right, it was not published. It was conveyed. GPL-3 addresses conveyance, not publishing.

That commit is -619-g, so there is only one unaccounted-for commit. That's generally a good sign, though it does suggest that the provided diff may not wholly describe the changes.

My robot briefing extension requires the briefing to be modified. His hack allows stock briefings to show robots. They serve different purposes.

For redistributing, are you referring to my strict focus on the licensing of Rebirth or on the licensing of the descent2.hog? Regardless, copyright law is notorious for being strange and illogical.
What I'm saying is that nobody will care about me sending you a modified descent2.hog if you already have a legit copy of Descent 2 and it's not being leaked to the whole internet. That's what I'm talking about.
Found an area that shows off the polygon tearing/clipping bug in software mode. Put this customized version of Darkflamewolf's D1 Lost Levels for D2 in your missions folder and then load the saved game and you should be staring directly at the bug:

Just so y'all know, software rendered builds are now available here: https://forum.dxx-rebirth.com/showthread.php?tid=1047

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