Crash when running maps with mission names different than filenames
I experience this with custom levels. When the Level Name and the Mission Name tabs in DLE aren't set to something identical, attempting to open such a level with Rebirth will close the application with no error given. Obviously, it's only an issue with HOG files containing a single level. I'm not sure if it's a DLE issue or a Rebirth one, but might as well report it here.
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If the program crashes, your operating system should give some sort of error message and generate a memory dump.  Please link to an example level.
Well, there are Windows systems which just close the program if it crashes - no f$$ks given. Would be interesting to know which OS it is we deal with and the level itself might be a good way of us being able to reconstruct the bug.
Coincidentally, the Sticky Thread in this forum asks for all those things. Please give us info. I am sure I'll be able to reproduce this bug one way or another but it's not the only thing we are dealing with, so PLEASE give us info so we can efficiently fix whatever needs fixing.
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I thought even Windows would save memory dumps by way of Dr. Watson and similar.  They're a bit hard to find, but they should be generated.
DLE is not 100% compatible with rebirth, it basicly means that there are things about which you should be careful and some things which simply wont work in rebirth despite the setting, the length and special characters might also be important. I tested different level names and mission names in SDLDevil and it works well.
Can you post the level which is giving you crash?

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