Can't find hog file for Descent 2? please help!
Hey guys, I need some more help.  Here I have 2 CDs of Descent.

The CD on the far left is the one I used to install Descent 2.  I was under the impression that one of these CDs also include the installation/hog/ham files for Descent 1?  Or is it just the demo version?

The reason I ask this is because I just finished the first 7 levels of Descent 1, then I was surprised to find out it was only the demo version.  Do I have everything I need for the full version of Descent? 

Oh ok, thanks future pilot.
No, those CD's don't have Descent 1 included Dang
What do I need to play Descent 3?  I see I can download/buy it on Steam, but will it work through steam like it does Rebirth?  Or is there a DXX rebirth Descent 3 download somewhere?

I ask this because actually buying the CD on ebay, and trying to install it might not work, because whenever I try running/installing old programs usually don't work because my laptop is too new.
The source for Descent 3 was never released, so the Rebirth project cannot support it.  I suggest buying Descent 3 from if you choose to buy it at all.
Ok, does the Steam version of Descent 3 come with the Expansion pack, or is that only Gog? 
It comes with the expansion.

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