Gauss/Missile Friendly Fire (Co-op Multiplayer)

I play Descent (Co-op Multiplayer) with my father on a weekly basis and he's a little "trigger happy".  We always have friendly fire off which works great for all energy-based weapons, but when it comes to gauss and missiles they still damage the other person even with friendly fire turned off.  I can understand that damage will be taken if the person were to shoot at a wall/lava with gauss or missiles and the other player was near that wall/lava but I do not recall taking damage from direct impacts with gauss/missiles when friendly fire was turned off.  Is this a bug or am I recalling the old game mechanics wrong?

Well, friendly fire options is something I added in Rebirth. It was not in the DOS version so I had lotsa freedom doing that. I leave that open for discussion of course so everyone can add feedback. The thing what you expereince here is splash damage. Both missiles and gauss cause splash and people will take damage from that - friendly fire or not.

I enbaled that for a certain reason: While I think disabling friendly fire is a valid and cool thing, but concerning splash, I was very undecided. On one hand, it's of cours elegitimate to cancel out splash damage, too but on the other side it felt... very odd and "wrong" if you blast a room with an Earthshaker and there are ships that miraculisly survive it. So I made spash damage not be affected by the option. There's aso the fact - if regular splash damage will not cause damage, you won't be damaged by lava-shots anymore, too - since it's technically the same effect.

Still feel free to give me your arguments about that. I am always open for all that. Since I hardly play Multiplayer, I gladly do what you guys want.
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I'm not concerned about cooperative mode at all yet I'm grateful for friendly fire being introduced - it makes the team games more challenging and ads the thrill. Personally I would have to be very bored to join team game with disabled friendly fire - it doesn't sound like a fun for me - so I'm not concerned about splash damage too, but for the sake of... 'I don't know' you could consider disabling it too when friendly fire is disabled.

PS: oh.. and make this damn option named properly, please, because it's confusing those who host games often (despite the fact that it's in plain english and easy to understand for non native english speaker), how about something like:
(x) Friendly Fire
which would be default ON=checked=you can hurt your teammate
If you find the existing wording ambiguous, would "weapons damage allied players" be clearer?
no Wink I dont find it ambiguous at all. It is from my observation that others have problems with it.
Term 'Friendly Fire' is very clear, and if you have checkbox next to it, that usually means ON if checked (word 'no' can be easily missed while interpreting).
In current settings checked means off which might be the source of confusion.
In most shooter-genre games (including Descent 3), when friendly fire is disabled, teammates are completely unable to damage each other - splash damage weapons included. I think this is meant to prevent immature players from killing their teammates on purpose. They're going to do everything in their power to be jerks, and having one weapon type that's still effective against teammates is all they need. Of course, I've never seen a Descent player do that, but I'd say it would be very consistent and useful to have an absolute friendly fire toggle.

(05-01-2014, 12:36 AM)zico link Wrote: [...] but on the other side it felt... very odd and "wrong" if you blast a room with an Earthshaker and there are ships that miraculisly survive it.

Heh heh. Though, to be honest, it also feels pretty weird when you unload a fully charged fusion wad and a smart missile straight into your ally's thrusters ... and he survives it. Tongue For a (semi-)realistic game, enabled friendly fire is definitely the way to go.

I agree with aqqman, too: if everyone can be trusted, then enabled friendly fire makes the game more challenging and competitive. You have to think before you shoot, and think fast.

As for the menu option, I had no problem understanding "no friendly fire" either, but yeah - I had to teach quite a few people how to use the option. When it's unchecked, it effectively says "no no friendly fire" ... I guess some people don't realize that two wrongs make a right. Wink
Perhaps you could take the best of both worlds and have the player choose if they want splash damage enabled or not with another checkbox in the multiplayer menu? Big Grin
oh dear yet another option - noooooo....
PS: well since 'short packets option gets scrapped maybe.....nah
Okay then I'll see that I clear off splash damage as well. And actually - I agree with kp about naming the option. Since I introduced the option first I in fact got a few mails of confusion in regards of what friendly fire actually means. I.e. Disable friendly fire = makes you immune to your friendy fire, right? But what if you turn ON friendly fire - so the fire is so friendly it won't hurt you? Yes, there is room for misunderstanding.
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