Robot AI "Snipe" doesn't work in Multiplayer
(04-27-2014, 06:18 PM)xFlyBrix link Wrote: Any change to the multiplayer AI would be a huge improvement. 

I'm not so sure about that, could become worse Tongue
Well as much as you can do is to use Normal or Follow or Sit still with some parameter changes, these worked for me to achieve various behaviours.I don't expect anything more complicated than that from this game to be honest.
I didn't research it in the code itself but it makes me wonder, are these behaviour names only labels for sets of variables when using ROBOTEDIT? So, if I choose Snipe in ROBOTEDIT and then alter other variables for this setting
then I simply get my own version of snipe behaviour based on my variables or there are additional parameters not accessible by ROBOTEDIT taking effect as well.
Apart from that , forgive me my ignorance, what Snipe behaviour suppose to be like?
You can only replicate some of the behaviors of snipe, but the behavior that you can't replicate with robot properties is very noticeable.  And I tried ROBOTEDIT, but that gave the same result as dle-xp editing does.  Having robots set to snipe basically decreases their turn time, increases their fire frequency, evasion speed, speed in general, and gives them a 'hit and run' property.  They move around a lot more, attack you, evade you, and are very unpredictable.  Taking a level that you've played hundreds of times, know where every robot is, and applying these properties to those robots gives you a whole new level, its a pretty big change, that's why I enjoy this AI so much because the levels never get old Big Grin.

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