[D2X 58.1] Escaping doesn't break guided missile cam
A minor bug, but still a bug (though an amusing one). If you use the Guided Missile in Main View option, and have an active guided missile out when you start an escape sequence (the classic one, in a Descent 1 level being played in D2X-R or the Descent II demo levels), the guided missile is treated as the escaping ship, and the camera becomes relative to it. All of the normal phases of the animation (third person, and then out on the terrain) happen, though it's hard to get it to go through the entire phase since you can't actually control it. Letting it hit a surface early results in some other amusing bugs, where the cockpit gets rendered over the camera, meaning that you're viewing your own ship escape from within your ship!

This one's been around since the Descent II demo, but it still remains in D2X-Rebirth. It's a bit hard to reproduce since as mentioned, you can't actually control the guided missile, but I was able to do some tests by slowing them down in the HAM file.
A good and interesting find. I suppose this was an oversight in the demo code. I think Guided missiles did not exist in that. I will see this gets fixed (if not already - kp recently did some programming improvement in the Guided missile, but I am not sure if it's about this issue).
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