How I found my way to rebirth
Since I first had it in shareware along with many other games like Heretic on a CD-ROM from a Brazilian magazine, I fell in love with Descent at first sight. Obviously, a hard pill to swallow at first since it wasn't just a FPS, but I was driving a ship inside a mine in first person. Also, I never had a joystick, but I manage to play it first on my PC keyboard, a 486DX machine to be exact.

Then my dad gifted me the Anniversary Edition in 1996-97. And then I bought the sequel in 1998 on my second trip to the US... I bought it over The Ultimate Doom of all games at EB in Miami!! What could I do? I was fully drawn to Descent!!

Then I have to put you in some context: I live actually in Venezuela, where prices go rampant by the hour and old games aren't only hard to find, but also hard to buy, even if you think you have the money! That's how messed up my country (especially the government there) is right now! We have to be one gazillionaires to even afford current-gen consoles!

but back in 2003, as far as I can remember, in my country I managed to buy Descent 3... With my own money. And a few months later I could buy the Mercenary expansion.

Many years later, I bought all of them at GOG as a backup measure in order too make sure they're with me. And as I'm trying to move out of to Peru, there are some thinks I have to leave behind. I will try to manage to get these CDs on my luggage no matter what.. that's how dedicated I am to gaming and especially with games like Descent.

Sure, sometime later I wanted to play some old glories and wanted to know how to play it on more modern PCs... D1X was disappointing form me and I didn't want to play if any port have something I love about the game after all these years: the cockpit. Man, I love the cockpit and wanted to feel the same way I did first time I played it on shareware.

And that's where DXX-Rebith came in.

Reliving the magic, the 6DOF, the drones, the FMVs, the soundtrack for the second game... My hatred for the Driller and especially, THE RED HULK... I HATE THE RED HULK!

All of the thrill after many years were back. That made me a supporter of the best port ever made for these games. Something a guy like zico and his team manage to achieve for many others to enjoy. And even with the current beta, it keeps getting better than ever. Now I could play both Descent games with both redbook soundtracks for each and with a gamepad. All that joy can only go up to 11!

So you can say that makes me a supporter. One example of a source port done right.

That's all I can say.

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