How I found my way to rebirth
OOOOooooooh I was thinking of white blood cells.
I'm too young to have seen the old Star Trek series (I have seen a couple of the movies though, at least I think I have).

The eyes of the plush lobster stared deep into my soul. I touched it, made as if to pick it up, and then I became a panther.

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as an avid Steam user, i'm often curious about the titles they choose to put on sale. to get some info, i browse the game's forums and, with a sale, you're almost guaranteed to find a 'Is this worth it?' thread.

so today's deal is some indie space sim called SOL: Exodus and someone asks what the gameplay is like. another person replies saying it's like X3 or whatever, but there's a link to a Freespace2 gameplay vid. i click it out of nostalgia (i remember trying to get into this series but it was too complex for me  :Smile ) and one of the comments mentions Descent2. so, again, out of nostalgia i literally search for 'descent 2 gameplay vids' and the second listed was D2X.

not only did that catch my eye, it also said Vista (which i assume win7 can handle easy) and Steam (i admit i love steam!). then going to the official site i find the online tracker (brilliant), forums and such. i even made a GOG account a few days ago for the free Fallout so it felt perfect  ;D

a bit of history: the Descent series has always been a big part of my youth. it introduced me to PC gaming, the online world, communities, hilarious chat and the gaming! i registered a Kali account back in its 1.0 days (my serial was in the 20,000 range) with all the dos console commands and such, played all three games on Kali (2 being my fave) and rocked the keyboard config. that thing took a beating with all the simultaneous key mashings.

i even remember the flame wars the descent and the duke3d channel would get into sometimes! oh man...good times.

hope to get D2X running up shortly!
Descent was in fact the first PC game and one of the first video games I ever played.  I was actually only about four at the time, but I loved the game, got hooked to it and the sequel, and my love for it has only increased ever since I rebought it from

I actually held out a little while before searching for a different emulator and switching to Rebirth; it was various bugs, especially with the fan missions I eventually picked up, that convinced me to make the switch from DOSBox.  But now I feel like a bit of a fool for having stuck to it so long, hahah. XD;;
Why would you play D3 on Kali, especially in the days when PXO still existed?

The eyes of the plush lobster stared deep into my soul. I touched it, made as if to pick it up, and then I became a panther.

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I first played descent 2 with MS-DOS in the middle of the  90's, with the interactive demo version. It came packaged on a demo disc which I believe was swiped from a copy of PC-Gamer magazine (the demo disk included C&C1 for DOS as well). Lacking the fine motor skills to navigate in 6dof as well as shoot bad guys, I would play the game on my sister's laptop (I was about 6, she was 13) in tandem: one of us would maneuver, the other would shoot.

(Fun fact: because of my low exposure to spoken English at the time, I pronounced "Descent" as "decent".)$

My sister obtained a disk of Destination Saturn from a friend, which I played (by myself), and soon fell in love with. A copy of D2 95 followed as a birthday present. (still have not beaten it to this day because I suck at descent).

Years passed, I played other games (including the Descent:Freespace series which I only picked up because of the name), and technology advanced. Woe to me when I discovered that my computer could no longer play D2 because of the the superhigh gamespeed! And greater woe when I discovered that Destination Saturn would simply not load! I shelved the games and put the memories back in the box labeled "being a kid".

Fast forward several years, and I discovered various open-source rebuild projects for games like Doom, Quake, and Freespace. All of my favorite childhood timewasters began coming back! Having recently discovered my old Descent cds, I dug on the internet to see if Descent had been revamped in the years since, and that's how I found Rebirth ^^
Mainly by collecting the game series, started way back on October 24, 1994, grabbed a boxed version of the Beta an since that day I wanted to collect the game series every release that came out, many of you seen my collection, the main thread for that is here at Descendent Studios forums:

Sadly, last year I had to stop collecting with 111 items, it's that I just could not find anything worth adding and the space to store them games safely ran out as well.
But not to worry, I still have everything, since the archive is very important not to only myself but for the entire Descent & Freespace communities so they all have an idea how many variations were made of these epic game series; Descent & Freespace.

My last item I added was a new in box Spacetec SpaceOrb 360, there is a Pyro-GX on the box and yeah that as last item is probably one of my rarest items I ever bought.
The item was 35 Euro but the shipping was 50 Euro lmao, it came from Italy, but gladly the seller did pack it in very well, here some pics of the box Smile
[Image: spaceorb360displaypyr2ts53.jpg]

[Image: spaceorbrear2bsed.jpg]

it took me years many years to find this product in this new and pristine state.

So yeah my Descent/Freespace games collection ended with a nice bang.

When the Open Descent Foundation was a thing I was chosen to write the rolescript aka storyline I went under the name Gold Leader over there.
you can read my work here:

Flight Back: The Aftermath of Samuel Dravis (Takes place where Descent 3: Retribution left off)

Mission Disk 01:
Flight Back: Vengenace (Followup from main Campaign)

Mission Disk 02:
Flight Back: Unorthodox (Mercenary Missions)

The original rolescripter aka story writer for Descent IV: Invasion read it and sent me the rolescript of that game that never saw daylight.
Descent IV: invasion was planned to release in 2003, so that was a great honor to him as my version of D4 went but for me the same honor as him loving it and gifting me his version of D4 as well. was so nice Heart
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I was watching a Youtube video about the best 1990s FPSes and the video mentioned Descent, so I found the shareware version of Descent and loaded it up in DXX-Rebirth.
If you like the shareware version and want to play further, you can purchase the required data files from GOG for a relatively low price.
(03-31-2018, 08:16 PM)Kp Wrote: If you like the shareware version and want to play further, you can purchase the required data files from GOG for a relatively low price.

For one thing, I'd like to get my hands on that homing missile the Boss in Level 7 has.  It rivals anything that Revenants from Doom 2 have!   Cheesy
I played Descent 1, then 2, as a kid back in high school when it first came out. A friend of mine had a PC with the game and I loved playing it over at his house after school. Soon I got my own, played the game, Kali netgames, really liked it. And met a guy who was building a level building tool out of Smalltalk, he needed a cross-section generating tool, so I made one in Delphi. Also made a tool called "Yahoma" for building mission files and editing hog files. I don't think any of these tools are still around, but at the time it was a real thing I wanted to make.

Fast forward 20 years. Got the game on GOG for grins. My wife is not a fan. But she can't stop me from showing it to our little 5-yr old kid. And he thinks it is great, and he wonders if we could change the game so that one of the weapons would make the robots go back to mining. So I think... hmm.. let's see if there's any good working source code project out there. I tried 'em all but DXX-REBIRTH is absolutely awesome! THANK YOU KP! THANK YOU ZICO!! You guys are rocking it!

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