How I found my way to rebirth
trackmania? not me, and Im only 59-dont rush me

if you find me elsewhere will probably be automotive, diesel
after smashing my knuckles working on the car I like some fun. Crysis requires thinking, and desent is just shoot em up fun.
My story is somewhat funny. The second time I installed D2X-XL on this computer (after a crash) it wasn't working, so the only Descent I could play was D3. I did a lot of TrackMania then. Then, after watching a youtube video, I got an insane urge to kill a BPer bot (from Baloris Prime in D2). I don't know why it was that bot in particular, (I must have gone crazy for a short time, it's happened before). So, I installed D2X-Rebirth using the files from my XL install, and managed to get it working (it had never worked for me before). I beat D2 Counterstrike, from start to finish, before that day was over Tongue.

I use Rebirth when I'm feeling nostalgic, or if I'm building a level for standard D2 instead of XL, I use Rebirth for testing, as XL can somehow ignore many of the bugs that crash rebirth (no offense zico). I make sure the level works in both ports this way. I don't really think I have to worry about Dos D2 though.

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Quote: (no offense zico).
it usually isn't his fault :P
If there are bugs which ar enot caused by an extended level format I am also eager to fix them - don't get me wrong. ^^
Gosh I do not know why people even play my program when I think about how many flaws still are in there.
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Quote:Gosh I do not know why people even play my program when I think about how many flaws still are in there.

For the same reason we're all here, as part of this community...
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For me it started about 15 years ago when I came across a copy of Destination Saturn. Had no idea what it was, just decided to check it out. I was hooked on it almost immediately. Several months later I found Descent: The Definitive Collection for $20 at a software store. It included D1, D2 and Levels of the World. After that I downloaded every level set for D1 that I could find. I have probably spent 1000s of hours playing this game. Even kept an old 450MHz AMD K2 w/ Voodoo2 running Win98 for a very long time just to keep playing D1. It finally died about 2 years ago and I figured my Descent playing days were over. Very happy to see that I was wrong about that.
I found my way here because Karx11erx/D2X-XL refused to help me set his mod up because I dared to compare his mod to what he calls "Stillbirth".

Funny that Rebirth runs seamlessly, and his gets 0.16 fps. I guess the proof is in the pudding as to which one is actually better.
Quote:... Karx11erx/D2X-XL refused to help me set his mod up because I dared to compare his mod to what he calls "Stillbirth".


Are you kidding me? That's the last time I ever use D2X-XL. Geez!

... Oh, wait--better make sure I'm on topic. Cheesy The way I found DXX-R was via YouTube, when one day, feeling nostalgic, I decided to see if I could find any gameplay videos of my favorite game series from my childhood. Of course, I got much more than I expected. Some dudes in one of the videos' comments page were talking about a source port that could play Descent on modern operating systems. I followed the link, and here I am! Big Grin
Google[Descent] looking for a modern port. The same search like a coupla years ago lead me to D2X-XL, which I didn't like from the start. DXX-R on the other hand, is exactly what I was lookin' for: porting to modern machines, improving, and at the same time, conveying the concept. So yeah, nostalgia in 2011 did it for me. Smile
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DXX-Rebirth runs great IceWolf and I ran a beta test run with the latest build and it ran dead stable Smile

IceWolf even left the game and rejoined without issues of lost packets ! This is very good news I must conclude Smile

we used UK game on the Mumble server btw for communications Smile thx for this AFP !

we played Giga Death II and til 41 kills lol. IceWolf won with 41 kills I had 37 Smile

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