How I found my way to rebirth
Hello jihemd and Welcome to DXX-Rebirth

If you have any problems building the game, just open a bug report and tell me where you are stuck. We'll be able to get this sorted out - for sure. Smile
The greatest pleasure in life is to do what people say you cannot do.
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Quote:We'll be able to get this sorted out - for sure. Smile


thx for your help and your fast answer. Smile

For the moment on Linux I am only comfortable with packet managers :

I am a Pascal hobbyist programmer on  IDE : TurboPascal, Delphi, Lazarus
and I have never used command-line compiler nor makefiles : make / make install and so and  Shocked
but I'll give it a try cause I've failed to install Dx2-rebirth the RPM way. Cry

Best Regards

JMarc D.

I'd suggest you first get to download the source and read the REDME and INSTALL files. If you just do not get clear with it, no problem and head over to the BUGS section and post what buggs you. Smile
The greatest pleasure in life is to do what people say you cannot do.
Uhm... Honey, there's a head in the toilet!
I am a lucky man :
dxx-rebirth compiled out of the box, fully functionnal and so beautiful !
There is only no sound during the videos and no jukebox possibility.

A play-list of the soundtracks build with videolan vlc and a dirty bash script do the trick :

cvlc -L ~/jukebox/d2.xspf  &
kill -9 vlc

Nonetheless it would be useful for newbies to specify :

- that the archive can be uncompressed anywhere in the 'home' directory

- that the console must be opened in the dxx-rebirth directory

- more explicitely the name of the dependencies. I have found several packages named '*sdl*' but none for 'glu' !

- that these dependencies can be install with : 'urpmi' in Mandriva, 'apt-get install' in ubuntu
  for example

- where is the executable and how to create a link on the desktop

- that one have to create  the directory where *pig *.mvl ... files have to be copied to

all this seems obvious to regular *nix users, but not for old windows users  :-D
hmmm... Well when I was about 5 or 6 my older brother Joseph found this amazing game called Descent. Him and a friend of his used to play it all the time. I as a little kid thought it was awesome, and I have many fond memories of hiding in the hallway after I was supposed to be in bed, watching Joseph play Descent into the wee hours of the morning. Then for Christmas one year we got "Descent I & II The Definitive Collection". It was amazing!! Then we moved, and got better computers and I kinda forgot about Descent for awhile, until I was rummaging around in some old boxes of CD's and found the disks. Amazingly they still installed, but on Windows XP with a 1.8ghz processor they didn't run so well. So I started looking online for a port for Descent, and I found d1x and d2x. These needless to say didn't work well, so I kept looking for an alternative. I don't remember how I found Rebirth, but I did and got v1.53. I played that for awhile, but I got some new games, and stopped playing Descent. Then I realized (like most people who have done that Smile ) that newer games aren't really as fun as Descent. So I pulled it back out, and got the latest version of Rebirth, and have been an active fan ever since!!
I was downloading XL when somehow come on this and saw it used classic everything so I download it and was hooked ever since. I played Descent when it first came out on MS DOS just was amazing. You could go upside down and shoot things while you are upside down I was in awe.
I think it was during a happening at rofl, some XL topic that went terribly wrong by a doodlasaurus rofl.

And this is where I met Zico and I stood by his side and joined the DXX-Rebirth program, that thread was a sad one but ah well things over here are definitely nice and sunny.
Well, I'll try and make this brief. I got D1 with the first Windows95 computer we had... Played that and later d2 until 2007. I got Kali that year, and I was one of the only users who still used the old versions. I believe it was Wareagle who stayed up late and helped me set it up. Ive used it ever since.
Tunnel ratting since 2007.
I've beensearching off and on. The original just doesn't run on new computers. Not only do I want to play, grandkids reaching 10 and she doesn't need to play those gory games.
And now that I've said hi, I'll go see if I can get it installed, FIRST TRY
Reminds me of this guy who is in his 60s who is often on the trackmania forums.

I guess I'll try and share my story within 5 minutes, but I don't know if I can do that seeing as... well, for me it's an awfully embarassing story, starting from when I was 12 (now I am 17). Like any 12 year old brat who simply makes his way to the internet without any sort of guidance, I found the greatest pleasure on the internet in the form of spamming - specifically the G4TechTV IRC chat on gamesurge and getting myself banned every single night until I was perm banned, then had the nerve to apply for moderator.
Technically my first internet multiplayer experience was on planet hotwheels (and yeah, it was pretty awesome, and I wasn't really quite a brat then either), which I eventually got bored with. Then, I was only 10 though. Around age 12, I found my descent 3 CD again, installed the game, found out everything I needed to get it up and working so I could play multiplayer, and you know what that last statement was the only shining moment I can recall from back then and I'll just have to leave it at that for now because as it turns out I couldn't describe it all in 5 mins I gotta go Tongue.
Long story short, I then managed to annoy much of the descent community. Most notably getting banned from through a rage post with as many f-bombs as I could put in it (although a couple years later I went ahead and made another account there for the hell of it, which is still up by the way). Eh, I managed for a couple of years and when I got a new computer... well, it was a laptop, so I kinda quit for a bit, played Halo PC and Custom Edition, was appalled by the inhumane immaturity, and pretty much straightened up.
I got bored with Halo, so I went on to other games, halfway expecting the exact same crap I had to put up with there, but as it turned out it was a rarity in nearly every other game I have played.
I'm kinda glad to be back here knowing the ONLY person who is remotely like those stupid Halo players might be some brat kid known as Geordan.
I swear I managed to make him believe I was not a person, but a computer program gone mad. Then he went all biblical, etc. on me and called me evil.
Oh as for finding Rebirth... well, I was a D1X 1.40 player, I think... the one that used Allegro for sound. Then I was a D1X 1.43 player for a few months, then came Rebirth and I was happier with it. As far as D2 went, I was hardcore set on D2 Win95 for all my needs.. except Hoard, for which I used DOS (I was on an old computer at the time).
During this time, I was still pretty immature. Especially come the time when Diedel got banned from and I was trying to juggle between being sensible and joining the bandwagon of teasing him for.. stuff. Just stuff. I say this because I cannot rightly remember why it was happening... oh yeah "attitude problems" or something, apparently. If that really was the case, oh the irony of that situation.

Blah. I don't care about then.
Quote:Want to this so we can Descent 3 so you wants to play
Quote:WTF are you wants to try to communicate to do?  :?

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