How I found my way to rebirth
This tread should invite everyone to tell how he became a rebirth-user.
And I will start with this:

The first step was to own a C64 and to deny to buy a IBM-compatible PC.
What should a PC to be good for? On a C64 I was able to programm my
own stuff and at that time I believed that a PC just can run preprogrammed
software and there would be no possibility to programm on my own,
(OK, now I now there had been quick-basic.)

I read about a game... DESCENT... 360 degrees of freedom in a "real"
enviroment. I was so curious that I bought a PC just to play DESCENT.
I was so happy with it because I am a science-fiction fan and DESCENT
made a lot of my dreams come true.

PCs became faster and some day I noticed that Descent was unplayable
fast on my new PC. I was able to play D2 with the 3dfx-patch but I didnt
found that patch for D1 and so I was very unhappy.

Just as I found the 3dfx-patch for D1 I bought again a new PC and get
to notice, that the 3dfx-versions became unstable at high CPU-speed.

So I was unhappy again. Then I found Diedl and his Version.
I was happy for a few weeks and did for him what I do now for Rebirth.
But D1 wasnt really playable those times with his version and more than
that I did my 1st critizism to Didl... the end of a short "friendship".

For some month I was unemployed and then someone called Zico
apeared at the descentforum and asked if someone would be interested
to help him as a tester to develope a new version of Descent called
Rebirth. I followed him and so I became his "first knight".

Rebirth just was developed for Linux and a Windows-version was far
away from the Linux-state. But Zico provided me with this and by month
of hard work and continuous contact via email we brought it up to 0.4.
(Linux was something 0.3 and windows 0.0x)
When I remember right 0.4 was the time and the version we went
to public with this forum... the rest is known history!

Until today Im proud to work with Zico because he did something what
is hard to find these days. He put a lot of work in something that was
just ment as a private project but as he noticed that there was public
interest he shared it with anyone who want to have a try.
Without beeing selfish and without treating anybody like an enemy
just because of an own or different opinion to him.

Not just a few properties of rebirth wouldnt exist if Zico would just
descide on his own and for himself.
But some features were developed just for me and my requests and
just for you and your requests to give back a little bit what you put
in Rebirth by my and your support, tests, bug-reports and some good
suggestions we made for Rebirth.

And even when I never met Zico not even spoke to him at the phone..
just had contact to him via email Im proud to call him a friend...
I found my way to Rebirth on a short and greatly traveled road...

I started out with watching my Dad play D1 when i was a kid, maybe 5 years old. It was great, scary, awesome, scray, and amazing. Point is, the best game i had seen. I never played it then because i was only 5 and i couldnt get my hands to the right places to play properly, but i was okay with watching. Then, my Dad snapped the disk in a maniacle rage when he ran out of Energy fighting the last boss.

Then came D2. It was even better, and i was only 7, but i still watched my Dad. This disk has stayed intact, and i still have it, sitting right next to me, actually. I could never get it to work right by itself though, it always ran so fast and had no sound to speak of... so i did a bit of research, and i found D2X-XL. Sure, it was great at the time, but after a while i needed something that didn't take up 500,000K of memory while running. I then was pointed towards DXXR, and i loved it. Small memory usage, great classical Descent taste.

So, there you go. Smile
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Hmm, how did I find rebirth... I had D1X 143 and it worked -- but it sucked. Then as I began lurking forums I've heard about D2X-W32 but that didn't cover my needs of course. And I'm glad it didn't cover D1 back then -- It wasn't what I wanted at all (plus I didn't even have D2 at the time, lost my CD). I continued on with 1.43 until I hear references to this "DXX-Rebirth" project -- That stuck in my mind but I never checked it out due to me losing interest. Then after a while I heard of dosbox and started playing D1 again through it. My brother wanted to start playing again too but didn't want to use dosbox. I recalled rebirth and he downloads it. I also check it out myself, but put it behind for some reason (I don't know why). Then I get D2 and beat the entire game in Dosbox and start checking out D2X-rebirth and here's where things started. Oldschool descent WITHOUT DOS4GW pagefaults? COOL! And then some people started playing Coop and they were doing so through rebirth, plus I wanted to join, so I started using rebirth a LOT more. Weird story, I know. [Image: icon_wink.gif]
I sticky this now since this is so awesome to hear all those beautiful stories. More please.
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Uhm... Honey, there's a head in the toilet!

I Started playing Descent when i was 14, got the shareware on 2 floppies from a friend. Soon i started to love this game, so I bought the full version and later on Descent 2.

It became quite holy, friends of mine and I started to do funny stuff with it, ie editing the levels with an hex editor, not knowing what i am doing Smile.
Then I got Devil 2.2 from a german games magazine (PC Player) and started to create levels (note I did not have access to the internet this time).
Also we did some lan-parties (10 MBit BNC network Smile) and played Descent and Descent2 there.

Later on Descent became less interesting - But only just because parties and girls got into my focus :-D.

2 years or so a friend and me deceided "lets play descent again, it is still the greatest game on planet earth" - so we tried D2X-XL. Unfortunately we got a little bit upset with random crashes and such things of the version we used.

I deceided to see what the progress of D2X is and googled a little bit around until i found this "dxx-rebirth".

"Hm that sounds interesting.", i thought. Downloaded it (version 0.53). And hey. The code compiled without any problems on my linux box.

Started the game "hey udp/ip support, lets try this". started a netgame and after the first few minutes I knew "Hey this is Descent. It just works and looks like the original, but on every modern operating system".

Thanx Alot!!!
My dad bought descent as my first video game on DOS. Ive enjoyed this game ever since. D1 and D2. Well my computer that ran Win95 crashed. I was without Descent for about 2 months bc DOSBOX wouldnt let me run it for some reason. I decided to do a search for Descent 2 Windows XP Projects and (back then) was first on the Google list. I checked it out, downloaded both which was .42 i think loved it ever since Smile
My Story :-D

Like many others, it begins with D1X 1.43 - a happy return to Descent, after no less than 7 years without playing it even once. It was quite playable, though I was never 100% happy with it - there were some minor glitches, an occasional crash, and the game feel was not the same as it was in the 1990's.

D2X was a major disappointment - apparently incomplete, and pretty unstable (frequent crashes for no reason). I had given it up, and I realized that I probably won't have the chance to play D2 ever again...

That's why I did not play Descent much, even though the ports were a sort of revival. A revival, but not a true REBIRTH yet Wink

Then came... Wikipedia!

I would play games when I'm in a bad mood. But when I'm truly depressed, I would rather just read about games (and other weird topics) around the Internet (especially in Wikipedia).

I was reading about some game-related stuff (e.g. goraud shading, anti-aliasing, triple buffering) and I came upon an article on the "Portal Engine." Of course, there was a reference to a game called "Descent" (hmmm, that sounds familiar) and I decided to take a look.

And there it was - at the bottom of the page, there were some links. One of those links led to something called "DXX-Rebirth."

I clicked.

At that time, it was DXX-Rebirth 0.52 - I downloaded it (D1X-R, because I was still under the influence of my bad experience with the old D2X), tried it out... and I liked it.

It worked better than D1X 1.43, and the game feel was the way I wanted it to be. Rebirth earned its place in my special "ports" folder - a folder where I keep the ports I use most (for Doom, Rise of the triad, Duke Nukem 3D, etc.).

When 0.53 came out, I downloaded it and put it in the folder... but I never even opened the file to try it out. I was busy with lots of other stuff at that time, so 0.53 just stayed in there, neglected Sad

Then, 0.54 came out and I decided I should do some more rigorous testing! It was obviosuly an improvement over 0.52, and it did the impossible - it brought me back to playing Descent (something I thought would not happen in a thousand years).

Encouraged by the good impression I got from D1X-R 0.54, I decided to try out D2X-R as well. I am glad I did - it worked exactly as it was meant to do. The frustration over the old D2X was instantly forgotten Big Grin

The rest, as they say, is history. When 0.55 came out, I was unhappy with the font scaling, so I came over to THIS forum, and posted a topic. My first topic! I remember it was MalaksBane that told me how to edit the INI file and solve my problem. -gl_fixedfonts

Then I met that crazy guy, Zico, also known as "the messiah who resurrected Descent." To be honest, I intended to send him a nice letter since the first day I saw Rebirth, but somehow I got distracted and forgot (and I feel a bit guilty about this).

Maybe it's not too late - but I intend to show my gratitude with something even better than a letter (wait and you'll see...) :roll:
Gib mir Benzin!
I'll give ya'll the short version. Tongue

I had the Win95 version of D2 on my PIII 450Mhz computer at one point. It was fantastic. Then came the Athlon XP.

Now it wasn't so fantastic.

So then I'm stuck with a version of D2 that's simply not as stable as what it was on the Windows 98SE OS I had on my last computer. I had heard about D2X-W32, and was a happy user of it for a while. I must admit that I was originally very much turned off from Rebirth after a certain user repeatedly attacked W32 for absolutely no reason whatsoever on PD (it was sheer jealousy, and I didn't want to have any part in it).

I was very pleased with W32. It had enough improvements to make things seem fresh but was close enough to the original where it didn't feel overkill.

But when I wanted to play Descent on my laptop, XL didn't work. It was just too much for my computer to handle (and it was too gaudy to me). So I decided to try that ole' Rebirth port I remembered hearing about.

Turns out no one here was like that user on PD lambasting W32 for no apparent reason - and better yet, Rebirth worked perfectly! To this day, I still can't seem to get XL to work on any one of my computers, yet Rebirth runs without a hitch. Period. AMD, Intel, nVidia, ATI - whatever the processor, whatever the RAM, whatever the video card - it works great.

Thanks Zico!!  :-D
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hmm.. let's see.  I've been playing Descent so long, I've forgotten.

hm. I used the 1.40 a-c mods for a long time after I quit using my Voodoo 3k card. Then I used the W32 mod and that worked pretty well. There was another D2x project that got started had quite a web site too, but the group just fell apart so it got like 75% done and stopped.  Tongue  This wasn't the D2 project that was posted on a college site for a while a long time ago, this was different.

I think I heard about Rebirth on Kali, while XL I followed on I used that for quite a while too.  Why'd I quit? a silly reason really, I didn't like that many options and when I wanted to play D1, I wanted to play it as D1 and not a D2 "emulation" (I know that's not the technical term for it, just needed a word Wink)  So really, it was a neurotic choice. :-D  I'm just kinda stupid that way.  Drives my wife nuts.

Aside from all the quibbling and all the "back and forth" over the years, I think they are both very excellent products/projects and the work put into both is amazing.

I gave up years ago on another Descent game and just came to terms that each incarnation is just what it was and there are elements of all 3 I really enjoy.  There are elements of all three that make me puke too, so it all balances out in the end. :-D When I play Descent, I'm not only enjoying the game but also the memories of all the online games over the last 13 years or so.  I think that might be the case with bubba as well. Not sure why I say that other than I know that he really enjoys this game a great deal.
There is a great deal of difference between the players that that started out on each interation. Bubba's anology of that that he posted several months ago nailed it dead on. I'm in the spastic classic catagory. I still play old school style, old texture res at 800x600 just for fun from time to time. Smile

Old Descenters never die ... once ... they claim a spawn, carve their name into it, and camp it with a smart mine!  :evil:

Once upon a time, one of the RPM packet of my Mandriva Linux 2008.1 repository :
it was called d2x-rebirth-???

By the way, D2 is one of the very first videogame I've played on a 486DX2 AT compatible PC, with a VGA daisy-chained 3DFX voodoo 1 graphic-card.

I want to thanks a lot those who make it possible to run so nicely and beautifully D2, on "modern" Win-XP machines, 1440*900 19" display, and even on a Vista laptop, provided you've installed it everywhere but in the "program files" directory.

I've put the mp3 ripped CD d2 soundtrack on a "C:\jukebox" directory, and here it is the good old time!

My 15 year old son loves it too, especially in home lan-parties.

Until now, I am still unable to make dx2-rebirth on Linux ... but I do'nt give up !

thx again, and best regards

Jmarc D.

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