Well I did some experimenting with vsync. First, I forced my ati to work at 85 Hz fixed rate (using Catalyst Control Center) - that caused vsync in game to... do nothing. No matter if I switch that on or off - it is 200 fps without any visible difference. Then I realized that when I 'unforced' that rate it still did nothing. (Didn't cap down my fps at 60 as it used to). I fired up the level with the most fps hit I've got last time (The Scorpion's Lair - down to 15 fps in some places) and it was dead stable 200fps no matter where I went and what I did (either with vsync on or off).
When messing around with ati CCC I allowed it to identify my monitor (disabled previously because of awkward flickering after windows boot), it appears that could be the reason of fps drop during the game or I'm out of ideas.
There is also that the game with huge fps hit was 7 player (with me as client) - but I'm guessing (hoping) it doesn't matter much.
aqqman: ok, now you've got me curious. and thats not a good thing, because I'll probably mess something up, and it'll be your fault L

anyway, that business about the monitor.. I checked my control panel for ati, and oddly enough it shows two monitors. I do have an s-video setup( a line that runs from my comp's svideo out to a stereo vcr, along with a line from speaker out , also into my vcr. I know you're probably laughing, ?? vcr?? what?? but actually it's pretty easy to stream movies, shows, what have you, from the computer , and record them for play later, or at the time of recording, on the vcr, rather than burning/ or converting on the comp. and it's watchable on my large screen tv, but the signal has to be converted, from comp to tv, and that's what the svideo does. , anyway...

the max refresh rate for my tv, is 60hz. It might be that , the ati card is using that instead of my monitor's 85 hz. I'm kind of afraid to play with this to test it, because it's working so well now. but, we'll see.

Keep in mind that fps in rebirth is very cpu load dependant, so background processes can take down 50 fps from the game easily on single core 2GHz cpu. Tested it with damn mumble thing which is set to higher priority thread by default - even on normal priority lowers game fps by 30 when someone is talking or you are in audio 'send' state.
That doesn't happen as much with other games I guess it's because these are more gpu intense when it comes to display stuff. Rebirth does most of it with software.
@aqqman: You are right, Rebirth does A LOT via Software. But this is still *extremely* low (exception being the routine sorting segments which slows down much in levels with more segments than intended).

In that case Mumble would need a lot of CPU. 2Ghz is very much and alone with 1Ghz you should easily get 200FPS just fine (tested with a downclocked/powersaving eeePC hosting an 8player game) while not even using 50% of the CPU. So unless your CPU goes to a 100% usage, it should do 200FPS if not limited by maxfps or vsync. If it doesn't and in this specific case with Mumble, I'd put my finger on the sound driver. Next to the ATi driver. It's easy to see: Set Rebirth to 200FPS, open the task manager and see how much of the CPU usage Rebirth generates. If Rebirth does run considerably lower than 190FPS while not using 100% CPU, the performance issues are coming from somewhere else.

At least that's all I can say about that. The game should - not really suffer from any performance issues in standard situations (unless you use the debug build, a software rendering build or 9000 segment levels) and on most hardware today. So if you have performance issues, please check your task manager for the usage of d*x-rebirth.exe plus your general CPU usage and let me know about it.

Oh one last thing - actually two:
- If running on XP and the CPU usage is low but your FPS are somewhat "unstable", use the argument -nonicefps. This will eliminate CPU sleep calls (which can be very inaccurate on XP). This will increase CPU load (up to 100%) but can improve the situation. Especially if other processes influence the game negatively.
- If other games - DirectX games run considerably faster, it may be an issue with the video driver. I had a bunch of reports in the past boiling down to a driver issue which made the game take a LOT of time between swapping front- and backbuffer. This didn't occur on DirectX games - only for OpenGL. So that may be something to try out.

Please try these suggestions and give me Feedback. That helps me to optimize the game where it's still needed.
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Well it is XP, nonicefps doesn't seem to change anything for me and dxx takes 98% cpu since nothing else works but mumble - once mumble gets sound to process takes up to 20% which leaves 80 for dxx, then fps drops in the game around 20-30 (down to 170) - during that sound mumble processing.
I tested it on double core intel too, exact same results if I use 1 core for both mumble and dxx, as long as these are separated (core0 mumble, core1 dxx) - it's fine.

Ok I've noticed slight difference when nonicefps is on. Mumble takes the game down by around 20 fps not 30 like without nonicefps. Another thing which is fps eater - animated textures - but this is kinda obvious, and amount of walls in visibility range (including invisible walls like fly-through switches too). The latter indicates that there is some kind of additional heavy calculation (or parsing some arrays) involved since there is nothing to display - shooting blind.
If Rebirth takes 98% already - with and without -nonicefps I could not say is normal - not with a 2Ghz processor - animated textures, hundreds of objects, it should not go that high. The game indeed needs more power than the DOS version (due to Assembler code being replaced by C which is not that fast) but still. With 2Ghz it should generate a load between 20 and 40% (40 MAYBE with all effects turned on but that would still be pretty high).
Can you probably try, make a new installation, without any previous config files, INI/command-line arguments, sound and music turned off. Then you could see if this still takes as much power. If not you could go step by step towards your usual config and maybe see on which option causes this heavy drop? I know this sounds like awful much work but this way I might better be able to profile the issue. I'll get back to my eeePC and see if I can produce any of this with various configs. The machine is considerably slower but surely uses other components.

Also what kind of CPU do you have?
The greatest pleasure in life is to do what people say you cannot do.
Uhm... Honey, there's a head in the toilet!
Ok. On intel dualcore 1.7GHz dxx takes about 10% while in the main menu, once the game is started (in the level) it takes 50% (which means 1 core at 100%).
Pc has AMD Athlon64 3000+ (1.8GHz) - menus or the level goes up to 99% , if something else is working in the background - takes % from dxx thread, so dxx + other = 100%. It was always like that as far as I remember.
I disabled all switches in ini file - no change.
This definately doesn't look right if the vanilla game looks like this from the start. I just have it running on my eeePC as I type these words and it barely uses 25% (even tho it just clocked up to to 1.6Ghz). Okay on to investigation. Smile
The greatest pleasure in life is to do what people say you cannot do.
Uhm... Honey, there's a head in the toilet!
yes, not right at all.

i run XP. D1XR uses 10-40% cpu and i get 200fps at all times with vsync off.

something else is bogging down your system.
Ok. so far I tested D2 only, just tested D1 its different - it doesn't take 99% (between 10% - 40%).
Yet strange thing is when I set higher priority to the game in task manager it makes the game acting weird - hard to navigate,fly - jerky.

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