[0.58.1-windows 7] enemy ship rotates, but stays in one place
I was trying to play a 1v1 with Shadow Hyena yesterday, and we tried to do it with short packets disabled to (hopefully) get a more accurate game.  Unfortunately, what we found was that the other person's ship would spin, move and generally look like the pilot was tri-chording and whatnot, but would only stay in one place.  I have played with short packets disabled with other people and it worked fine.  Other people have tried it with Shadow Hyena, and saw the same thing I did. 

I have demos.

Drakona was the other person who tried to play with short packets disabled, and she saw the same thing I did.  Shadow Hyena saw our ships doing the same thing as well.  It may just be something to do with Shadow Hyena's computer, but it was still strange, so I thought I'd share.

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