[D2X all] Off-by-one error in multi_do_boss_actions can teleport boss improperly
This appears to have been in the code since the import into Subversion.  When combined with the other bug, it can create strange effects.  When multi_do_boss_actions receives a boss teleport operation, the parameter is interpreted as an index in Boss_teleport_segs[].  Prior to use, it is checked that the index is neither < 0 nor > Num_boss_teleport_segs.  However, Num_boss_teleport_segs is a counter, so Boss_teleport_segs[Num_boss_teleport_segs] is uninitialized.  It starts out as zero due to being a global, but may be non-zero if the receiving system has played other levels in which a boss was present and those levels had more valid boss teleport segments than the current level.

Fixed in Fix off-by-one in teleport validation.

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