Mac D1x 58.1 cant see games
at first I thought I was just missing the action, but it seems that the mac version of D1x cannot see games in progress. at first, when I saw a game on the tracker but no game info - I assumed th game was over and it was the latency with the tracker, but I just saw two games on the tracker with players etc in the info box... no luck.

The D2X seems to work ok...
D1x 58.1 doesn't work properly with the tracker. I'm sorry Big Rat, it's been a bit of a pain since 58.1 came out.
This issue has been reported some time ago we just need to wait.

so how are games getting started? I can't see games the tracker shows in progress when I start Descent - as in games are not appearing in the "join game" D1x window... or is the tracker showing games that are actually NOT in progress (as opposed to remaining on the tracker for 5 minutes after the game ends)? Or is my timing so bad that I only have looked when nothing is happening for six weeks... Wink
D2 still works, and you can still join games in progress by IP. However, if you want to use the tracker you have to use an older version for now. 0.57.3 works fine.
For D1 58.1 the web tracker ( shows actual games in progress.
You can still join them manually by taking host ip from the tracker website (above) and type it in the manual join box in the game.

You should check it out first since I just noticed some changes on the tracker website which might indicate that the tracker has been updated, I just can't test it out now with hosted D1 58.1 game.
I announced this in another thread already but I should do it here, too:
The bug should now be properly addressed on the tracker side. So 0.58.1 should be able to receive online games again.
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