maybe bug ~ red hulk butt launcher
I've been using rebirth for the last couple years but today I finally had a butt launch happen to me, on rookie difficulty!  I would have thought it to be a bug but I remembered seeing this thread.

This is the first, and hopefully only time, I have had to search for a 'butt launcher'!
Maybe helpful: I also know this bug from early DOS times, therefore I don't think it was introduced by DXX
ive seen some very clear examples of butt launching in D1, i even stop shooting and watch him turn around!


3 homers at a time from the red hulk? no! as many as 8! yes 8!

only in D1, never in D2, even if im playing First Strike in D2.
a thought...

im going to try playing with the D1 v1.0 data since everything v1.4+ has these little bugs.

its a long shot but worth a try Wink
Actually this is an interesting idea. I never checked if somehow a gun point of a hulk might be messed up. But so far I haven't dug much deeper into this issue recently. Mostly because I have a really hard time to reproduce this issue myself, which makes tracking it very hard. If someone has some valid steps how to reproduce this in a reliable fashion - ThugsRook? I think you are pretty good getting this bug - I would welcome hints on how to provoke it.
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so far im upto L13 with v1.0 data and no buggies as of yet.

there is really no way to provoke or capture these bugs, they just kinda happen. red hulk butt launching usually happens when hes hovering over lava ~ thats about as much consistency as there is.

usually ill get at least 1 bug during a complete playthru. if i can playthru 3 times (rookie, hotshot & ace) w/o any bugs ill call it a day and concider it solved.

am i remembering correctly?
didnt you say that you somehow equalized all the D1 data versions so that they all play the same?
the L7 boss acts very differently in v1.0 ~ lots more cloaked-transporting.
The engine runs consistently with what PARALLAX wrote for the 1.4 release but the data is still different. From what I can tell this mostly affects the properties of the Lvl7 boss weapons. They are the same as the Player smart missiles in 1.0 and nerfed in 1.4a and upwards. It's not that easy to "fix" this in the code since this is data coming out of the game content. I would need to hardcode all this info into the engine which is not really the proper way of dealing with these things. Smaller stuff like a malformed gunpoint of a single bot - that's different. Especially if it turns out to be true, I will see to get a hack in the engine to get it fixed.
The greatest pleasure in life is to do what people say you cannot do.
Uhm... Honey, there's a head in the toilet!
never mind... got a butt launch in level 23.
its not just butt launching anymore...

red hulk can also launch at exactly 90* left and right, but never straight up or down.

and red hulk launching 3 homers (or more!) 'at the same time' has become standard ~ i see it all the time!

only in D1, never in D2.

I'd like to throw in my own observations.  I've been playing D1X-R co-op over UDP with a friend, we are both running 200fps (no v-sync).

I have observed this behavior on red and brown hulks as well as vulcan bots, where they shoot you no matter which way they are facing.  This makes the vulcans particularly deadly because they can't be dodged in any way, and the only way is to cheese them with line-of-sight tricks like using homers and smarts.  The issue with the red hulks is related to the homers tracking.  I have not been able to successfully dodge a single homing missile in open space.

Also, my friend complains that due to latency, these robots shoot before they appear on screen, leading to taking damage from vulcan bots before they ever have line of sight.

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