Grates on automap
In the original game the edges that identify grates on the automap are always bright.
In DXX-Rebirth some of those edges are faded depending on the direction in which you look at them.

[Image: t3Hu26q.png]
[Image: R41AHnZ.png]

[Image: QERKWKl.png]
[Image: hf2SPSY.png]

Another thing - when changing the viewing distance on the automap (F9/F10) the only affected edges are those of visited segments, if the player have the fullmap powerup or cheat activated the non-visited segments are visible regardless of this setting.
This second bug is also present in the original Descent and Descent 2.
your map screens are very dark and blurry. mine are much brighter and i can see the X grates much easier.

what graphic settings are you using?
I resized the images from 1366x768, that's probably why they are dark and blurry. But the point isn't that the grates are hard to see, it's that the lines should be white, not gray.
If you load the first level in D1X-Rebirth, explore it until you find the fan and open the automap, you will see that the lines of the X will alternate between white and gray as you move around.

I think one of these two changes to main/automap.c should fix it:
line 784: if ( e->flags & (EF_NO_FADE|EF_GRATE) )
line 940: e->flags |= EF_GRATE|EF_NO_FADE;

By the way, I wanted to learn a little bit of WebGL, so I made this. It is a clone of the automap.
You should make a seperate post about your map viewer. It is so amazing, it deserves its own thread!

I am genuinely impressed!

One quick note tho. Can you please not use the default descent controlls?

I would suggest:
- WASD for sliding, crtl for up and space for down.
- q and e for roll.
Amazing work. You're my hero. Can you post the code for this? I'd love to look through it.
I fixed the segment adjustment. There was actually quite some code revamp needed to "fake" the explored areas properly but it's okay now.

However I did not fix the grate fading so far. In fact fading grates was introduced in Descent2 and I actually kinda like this if for nothing else but to make them easier to identify. If you guys don't agree and WANT the original behaviour back, please start throwing your stones, now. J/K - just say so.
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I'm not sure we are talking about the same thing.

[td][Image: 2GsIbyJ.png][/td]
[td][Image: kEMgvAc.png][/td]

Here the grates circled in red are faded in the 1st screenshot but not in the 2nd, because they are being looked at from opposite directions.
The grate circled in yellow, on the other hand, has always bright edges, and this is the case with most of them.

I think this happens when only one of the sides of a wall have a see-through texture. From what I can tell, in the original missions only when you were not supposed to be able to go to the other side of the wall they are sometimes set that way, so it doesn't seem to be something that the player should be aware of by looking on the automap.

You are right in that this was introduced in Descent 2 but it looks like a bug to me, since this fading occurs on the minority of the grates. Most of them have the right textures set on both sides, even when you cannot go around them. D2 level 9 has one occurrence of this issue, and it doesn't look right to me:
[td][Image: vchhKyF.png][/td]
[td][Image: BMuV0Nr.png][/td]

Did that made the issue clearer?
the grates fade in and out depending on zoom. actually check the maps?  ???  Big Grin

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