D2 Destination Quartzon ~ HOG not validated
the PCX files are the only thing of interest in these hogs. everything else is regular D2 v1.0.
Destination Quartzon is just an 8 level "bundleware" demo with the cinematics.

the PCX files were used to make the D2DEMO HiRes Add-On pack. so you can check them out there.

well sometimes the developers leave extra bloat ware in the hogs that wernt used in game but were shiped in the hog. i was hoping for some lingering files in the hog.
hehe ~ na, theres nothing out of the ordinary in there. the hog-in-a-hog thing is just duplicats of themselves. looks more like a mistake than something done on purpose. everything is standard D2 in there, nothing more.

if the game could be installed we'd see which HOG gets installed.
i'm betting on HOG-A Wink


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