I hope you have not given up on this. It would be nice if you just posted an update post about why there is no progress.
I have relayed this message to him but I would not be worried. Sometimes it's just life that keeps us from the things we'd love to do the most. At least this is the case for me in the past months.
And I can understand if you guys get upset about this - especially if you rely on us fixing bugs. But sometimes that's just the way of life: you gotta do what puts the bread on the table. Sad
The greatest pleasure in life is to do what people say you cannot do.
Uhm... Honey, there's a head in the toilet!
In the meantime, if we are full of waiting for the bread in the table we can always browse the code ourselves, just for learning. And you never know... we might make some dough too. Tongue
My point: it's opensource so it's much easier to give the main developers a slack, when they need it. They are not obliged to us, as we are not obliged to them. We are just a big happy team. Smile
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Hey team mate, it's good to see you alive and posting  Wink
Is v66r away? well I don't complain about that (ye finally there is something I don't complain about  Tongue )
I'm happy with SDLDevil as it is now, he did great job, and there are the sources. One of the easiest to use with Dev C++ as I discovered some time ago.
I hope he will come back one day, or maybe he didn't go anywhere and laughing now reading these posts.

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