Yay! DEVIL is Back!
It's so nice that someone decided to bring back the DEVIL editor.  This is so much more convenient than trying to run it through DOSBox!

Still, I'm trying to get my bearings right in it.  I'm confused about how to manipulate sides.  Whenever I enter Move Object mode and start using the numpad, the sides always move relative to where my camera is, instead of relative to the starting orientation of the face.  You can see this if you hover directly overhead and press 8, versus hovering off to the side and pressing 8.  The side's new position is relative to where the camera is.  Previously, DEVIL used to have an implicit grid that all movement was relative to.  Am I just missing something?
It has always moved relative to the camera. This has never changed. There is a grid option though.
If you want to align your camera to the level so you don't mess up movements, use Move -> align to pos / neg axis -> pick axis.
The starting axis when you 1st start a map is positive Z.
Wow, I must have always keyboarded the camera into the right position then, such that I was always aligned.  I know I never used the mouse controls back then.
Welcome to the Community Wink

And yes, I did not make any changes in how things work in DEVIL, it should feel exactly like the original besides some DOS limitations I got rid of
It took me a while, but I did find an older version of Devil from the 2.1 era.  It actually works the same camera-relative way.

I just find it so surprising that I would have axis-aligned the camera every time I moved something back then.  :o
That might be a problem with the key assignments / modifiers in this version... moving backward is y (on american keyboard) while strg-y is alignment to positive y axis.
One other key, not sure what the function was formally called.  It used to be mapped to "9" in Devil 2.2 and it basically moved to the attached cube/side from the currently selected side.  Was very useful.  Not sure what key that is mapped to now?
This is shift 9. However the meaning of shift+numpad and numpad was different dependent on NUM LOCK state. So 9 without shift worked in classic devil with a certain NUM LOCK state.
I did not reimplement this in SDLDevil, but the posibility to remap keys. If you like to have it on 9 instead of shift-9, this can be done in the configuration dialog (sdldevil /config or file -> sdldevil configuration).

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