Mission Manager Issues
I sent you a PM. please check it.
Just an update guys, i got it working for him. It was just some mismatch dirs. I made him move SDLdevil into the main rebirth folder and i fixed his exe dirs. He can now save and run maps.
So is this an indication that setting Devil (thus SDLDevil as is) with proper dirs is not that straightforward? Maybe some feedback here would help v66r decide how/what to do with that, need it be.
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Its as straight forward as any other program that requires DIR's to all the programs it needs. Its just that he does not understand how folders work. He was excuting a EXE of rebirth that was not anywhere near the install, and on top of that, they were not shortcuts, just exes in a empty folder. Also he did not have SDLdevil any where near the rebirth folder.

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