Mission Manager Issues
hello (again)

Im having lots of problems trying to figure out the mission manager (already consulted the Devil htmldoc)

first, I can't seem to have more than one mission at a time (saving to descent directory simply replaces the "devil level" mission that I can't even name/rename)

second, if I try to save a mission that I am attempting to make, a message comes up saying "can't find path CDangProgram" (same thing happens if I try to open one)

before I even attempt to try to make a multiple level mission, I still need to figure out how to make single level missions, is there something I am missing?

thank you for your help  Smile
Here, ill make a video for you. Ill update this post when i'm done.
EDIT: compressing.
EDIT2:  here ya go. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y8DvZrtmfrk
thank you for the video  ;D

however I am still having problems

first, I do save it to missions as directed in the video (the missions folder on my descent 2 rebirth file)

however, once I click on ok, the whole devil program closes out completely and when I go to descent 2 rebirth, my mission does not show up in the missions directory (the menu before selecting difficulty level)

did I configure completely wrong or something?

thank you for your time and help  Smile

that sounds strange. what operating system are you running? also can you take a picture of your config and upload it here for me?
i cant take screenshots  Sad

however, i think i might have found a possible reason

I notice that when try to save a new mission, It takes me to where I listed my executable path is, rather than my missions

my missions and data folders (for both descents) are located in CDangProgram Files (x86)/GOG.com etc. etc. etc.

but the executable paths go somewhere else ...where my missions are not, and i think that is why it messes up when I try to save a mission

I think a possible solution to the problem could be something to the effect of changing my executable path to where my missions are in the original config.

but I would rather get a second opinion before I do take any action

thank you for your help  Big Grin
(05-28-2012, 07:39 PM)zakzakzak91 link Wrote:however, once I click on ok, the whole devil program closes out completely and when I go to descent 2 rebirth, my mission does not show up in the missions directory (the menu before selecting difficulty level)

If this happens, sdldevil seems to crash and therefore I have to fix a bug Wink It would be very helpful if you could reproduce this and check if there is content in the file "devil.err" located besides the sdldevil executable. If yes please send me this file or it's contents.

Executable and Mission path should work completely independent. I have the same situation here where my executables are stored somewhere completely different.
Maybe it's some permission problem... are you administrator on the computer?
You can also try to save your mission in the same folder where you saved the level before and then try to copy the .hog and .msn (or .mn2 for descent2) files from there to your missions folder manually using windows explorer.

Can you please post the paths you configured? No screenshots needed if you can't take them. Just post here what you configured.
As blarget2 already asked, what operating system are you running? Windows XP/Vista/7?

here are my configurations (version used: descent 2 Version 1.2+/D2X-Rebirth/D2X-XL):

descent 1 data path - CDangProgram Files (x86)/GOG.com/Descent and Descent 2/ Descent/DXX-Rebirth/D1X-Rebirth/Data

descent 1 mission path - CDangProgram Files (x86)/GOG.com/Descent and Descent 2/Descent/DXX-Rebirth/D1X-Rebirth/Missions

descent 1 executable path - CDangUsers/Zach/Documents/sdldevil-0.5-win32-1/d1x-rebirth.exe

descent 2 data path - CDangProgram Files (x86)/GOG.com/Descent and Descent 2/Descent/DXX-Rebirth/D2X-Rebirth/Data

descent 2 mission path - CDangProgram Files (x86)/GOG.com/Descent and Descent 2/Descent/DXX-Rebirth/D2X-Rebirth/Missions

descent 2 executable path - CDangUsers/Zach/Documents/sdldevil-0.5-win32-1/d2x-rebirth.exe

i am using windows 7 (home premium I believe)

i think it should also be known that yesterday, while attempting to save a mission, it allowed me to save to my descent 2 missions folder (same one as descent 2 mission path above) and it was properly displayed in the missions directory in the main game

however, that was a one time only, and anytime I try to save a mission now (and even before), it goes through the descent 2 executable path in Documents instead of Program Files (x86) and when I click on "ok" after selecting missions in that file path, the whole program closes out/crashes

thank you so much for your help  Big Grin Big Grin
How exactly have your organized your Rebirth installation?
From what I read your Descent 1/2 installations are in
CDangProgram Files (x86)/GOG.com/Descent and Descent 2/
And Rebirth is a subdirectory of that? That should not be/isn't necessary. You shoudl just put the Rebirth files into your original game installation.
And then what are the Rebirth executables (CDangUsers/Zach/Documents/sdldevil-0.5-win32-1/d1x-rebirth.exe) doing in the SDL Devil directory? That seems to be some kind of messed up setup here and probably the reason this whole thing does not work.
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and if your excutables are in the documents, how is the game supposed to find the missions folder in gog?
thats the problem, i just clicked on the ".." to the side and let it lead the way

other than what was/is there, I have no clue what else to put there

should I make my executable path match my missions folder?

remember, I have never used a computer program like this before ever

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