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I am not sure if this counts as an actual bug or not, but if it is not I do apologize  Smile

I just downloaded the SDLDevil and extracted/unzipped and now when I click on application a grey box comes up with configuration and data, mission, and executable paths for both descents--only problem is that they are blank and I have no clue what to put there :-[

I am using rebirth through the descent on GoG.com on windows 7

thank you very much for your time and if I left anything out, or if there is any other information you need please let me know  Smile

The Data Dirs must point to where descent.pig (for descent1) and groupa.pig (for descent 2) reside in. Usually where you installed the game. I don't know how a GOG installation looks like, but I think it's somewhat like C:\Program Files\GOG\Descent. Just where you successfully installed your rebirth exe files to Wink

The Mission Dir is where the missions are stored in (usually a subfolder called Missions in your Descent installation path)

The Executable path is the path to your d1x-rebirth.exe / d2x-rebirth.exe.

Also make sure you select the proper Descent Version. This is "Descent 1.4+ / D1X-Rebirth / D2X-XL" if you want to create Descent 1 levels or "Descent 2 1.2+ / D2X-Rebirtth / D2X-XL" if you want to create Descent 2 levels.

If everything is right, the editor will exit from this configuration dialog. After restarting you should find yourself in the editor ready for using it.
thank you ...but I am still confused as to what to type exactly  :-[

I have found my data and missions folders but I dont know what it is I am supposed to type, like do I type in what is listed in the folders? (like for descent 2 data, do I type in all of those things like fire.pig, groupa.pig or something else?)

then I save changes and all that comes up is something that says "successfully saved configuration, exiting SDLDevil Restart SDLDevil for the changes to take effect"

and when I click on the application again that same grey box comes up again and Im back where I started

thank you for your help  Smile
you type in the directory for descent.pig for Descent 1 and you type out the directory for groupa.pig for d2.

This is what mine looks like (don't exactly type this, type YOUR descent directory).
Descent 1 data path:          C:\d1x\
Descent 1 mission path:      C:\d1x\missions\
Descent 1 Executable path: C:\d1x\d1x-rebirth.exe
Descent 2 data path:          C:\d2x\
Descent 2 mission path:      C:\d2x\missions\
Descent 2 Executable path: C:\d2x\d2x-rebirth.exe
You can also browse for the right directory using the [..] Buttons on the right of each path field
@blarget: in your example the filenames for the binaries are missing

Descent 1 Executable path: C:\d1x\d1x-rebirth.exe

Descent 2 Executable path: C:\d2x\d2x-rebirth.exe
you could have just modified the post, no need to double post Tongue
I don't modify other's posts... Wink that would be quite impolite imho...
thank you for that  Big Grin i got it to work and it even shows up on descent 2 (2 cube level woo!)

now a few questions...

1. How do I zoom out in level editor so I can view the whole level at once?

2. How do I edit textures? And how can I view the textures of my level in the editor?

3. Is it possible to rename missions after they have been saved? Or can I delete them altogether? (when I saved my awesome 2 grey cube level, the level editor gave it its own name  Smile )

4. Is it also possible to make multiple level missions on this level editor?

thank you sooo much for your help!!  Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

Quick tip:
There is a subfolder inside SDLDevil directory called htmldoc, open doc.htm file with your web browser. You shall find answers right there.

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