Multiplayer Headlights are not visible
Maybe a low prio bug: in original D2 the headlights at the ships nose were white if someone turned them on. In rebirth they stay grey. (observed in coop game)
Damn, that one took long to fix. Nah - I'm just kidding. Actually I thought this was just a small bug in Multiplayer code which lead to ignore presence of the headlight.
But the reality turned out much more interesting.

When D1X was initially created, much code - especially the more performance hungry - was translated from Assembler to C. And when D2X came around a lot of the work from D1X was adopted. And I think somewhere along these lines the code which was supposed to render the different headlight states to the player ship was overseen. At least this is how I think it happened.
Not to discredit the D2X developers. First of all this issue is barely seen - heck I didn't even realize this issue till I examined it closer - and secondly it's not like Assembler code is easily readable.

But as it may be the result was that in D2X the Pyro would always fly around with "disabled" headlights - even if you don't have  the powerup at all. But now all is well again and I speak a few lines Assembler. And the latter is probably the reason why I'm so euphoric right now. Smile
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