[D2] Gauss Cavern (Instagib)
This map is the 1st ever Instagib map for Descent2.
Recommended players: 2-6
[Image: Gcanyon.png]

Blarget, I think I may have found out what GXEdit supposedly does to your ship's shields - there is this thing called "multi_damage_scale" - after editing your ship in GXEdit, this value is set all the way up.

This is why flares were killing us when we tested my version of insta!

Also, my weapon was somehow downgraded to a really weak damage value, but I do not know how this happened since I made the weapon after modifying the ship.
edit: was looking at wrong weapon for this part...
edit: may be more complicated than this.  I dunno why that one kill worked, but I can't get this to do what it is supposed to and maybe GXEdit breaks a lot more things than just multi_damage_scale for each and every single weapon.
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well, we can keep testing today. Until we figure it out, i guess we have to wait for Insanity Bringer to make that editor Big Grin
UPDATE with a true instagib setup with help from Enzo03.

(updated 1st post)
In addition, through doing this I discovered exactly what GXEdit does in multiplayer - it makes all weapons have the multi_damage_scale turned all the way up.

This also has a strange side effect when you set a weapon to have multi_damage_scale set to 1 while the others are maxed out - the one with the normal damage scale does significantly less damage.

You just have to set it to 1 for all weapons via HAXMEdit DOS.

This means multiplayer-friendly editing of ship attributes has been completely possible all along!
Quote:Want to this so we can Descent 3 so you wants to play
Quote:WTF are you wants to try to communicate to do?  :?
Awh, you are so right enzo, I remember dealing with this on DFW's .ham file... Sorry I didn't mention it earlier, had forgotten all about it. I'm trying to remember if it messes with any other attributes...
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